Most people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs find sobriety terrifying. Most of them don’t know how it feels to stay sober and what to expect. In fact, approaching sober living can be one of the most difficult things that you will ever do if you are an addict but life is always good on the other side. Here are the top ten ways how life gets better when you are living sober.

  1. You Start Saving Money

Living sober will enable you to have some extra money in your pocket that you would have spent on drugs or alcohol. Staying sober is like an automatic savings plan. You can now pay off your debts and save money for larger purchases.

  1. You Get to Be Present in Every Moment

As a drug or alcohol addict, you only skate through your life. You may go on countless trips, holidays, events but you won’t remember anything about these events since your mind is always mixed up. However, living sober offers you a golden chance to be present and feel every moment of your life which is simply beautiful.

  1. Feel Better

Regardless of all the other benefits, you are just going to feel better when you are living sober. Most drug addicts and alcoholics usually go through a hard time if they imagine living without drugs or alcohol but you will find life better, easier, and enjoyable without these substances. You will feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally.

  1. You Will Start Getting Quality Sleep

Although some studies indicate that alcohol makes it easier for you to sleep, the truth is that it interferes with your REM which is the deepest level of sleep when your dreams occur. This interference usually makes you more restless during the second phase of sleep which affects your quality and the overall amount of sleep. Without alcohol and other substances, your sleep is more restful, and you can sleep comfortably throughout the night and wake up in the morning when you are fresh and full of energy.

  1. Improved Relationships

Most people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol usually have a long list of damaged relationships from their past. Luckily, when you sober up, you get a second chance to repair your broken relationships and improve some of your most important relationships. You will start dealing with people genuinely and develop long-lasting relationships.

  1. Your Body Becomes Hydrates, and It Shows

With sober living, you no longer have to start your day when you are dehydrated due to the amount of alcohol you drunk the previous night. This means that your body can stay hydrated and perform other functions such as digestion and excretion with much ease. You will no longer experience muscle cramps in your calves in the middle of the night.

  1. Become Healthier

Although you might think that you were looking great at 90lbs, the truth is that your overall appearance while drugging and drinking was horrifying. Once you sober up, you will start hearing your friends, and family members compliment your clear and smooth skin, sparkling eyes, and good-looking hair.

  1. You Will Learn Various Coping Mechanisms

One of the top reasons why people become drug addicts and alcoholics is that they can’t cope up with the numerous challenges in their lives. They turn to drugs and alcohol as a solution to their problems which only adds more issues to their lives. Alcohol can only be a short-term coping mechanism. However, when you sober up, you invest your time and effort in learning various coping mechanisms that will help you deal with the life challenges that you face.

  1. You Have More Time to Spent with Friends and Family

Probably, you won’t realize how much time you are wasting on alcohol and drugs until the time you quit. But it won’t take you long to realize that there are a lot of constructive things that you can do with your extra time once start living sober. You now have that extra time to be with your friends and loved ones, walk your dog or even learn something new.

  1. You Gain Respect

You will also gain a lot of respect from others when you are sober and show your commitment to overcome your addiction. In fact, you will become a role model in the society since people will look up to up and get inspired. People will start to trust you again and offer you a second chance to accomplish your goals in life.

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