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If someone you know is a huge fan of felines and has tons of furry friends, then you can give the cat ornament gifts for Christmas. Personalized cat ornaments are one of the best gifts to give these animal lovers. These cat ornaments help let every member of the family, whether they are furry or not, feel involved in Christmas. Here are 11 of the best cat ornament gifts around to give your cat lover friends!

Cat Crown Ornament

If your cat lover friend has a love for all things pink and sparkly, then you would want to give them this item. The Car Crown Ornament is one of the best-personalized cat ornaments around. This is perfect for those who love to spoil their cute fluffy friend!

Cat Ornament in Front of Christmas Tree

Your friend might love a festive ornament and this could be just the one you want to give. It features a well-detailed Christmas tree with a cute cat in front of it. You can easily choose different cat designs to get one that looks like your friend’s cat.

Cat Ornament with Lights

Looking for something adorable yet simple? Then this cat ornament with lights would work out fantastic. It has a cute design that will stand the test of time.

I’ve Been a Good Cat

If your friend loves cats and a good laugh, then this ornament is just the one they should get. You can add their cat’s name on it to make it very unique. It is a Christmas sock ornament with goodies inside along with a letter that has a funny message!

Girl Ornament With Cat

If your cat-loving friend happens to be a girl, then this can make them feel very special if you give them this as a gift. It features a girl carrying a cat, which is perfect if they have a fur baby that they cherish.

Veterinarian Coat with Animals

Your friend is a veterinarian, so what is better than giving them this ornament? It shows that you are proud of their profession plus it is a cute addition for their Christmas tree.

Pet’s Memorial Ornament with Heart

Many people had a special pet that will always stay in their hearts. You can commemorate your friend’s past furry one by giving them this personalized ornament to remember them.

Cat Ornament with Yarn, Milk, Mouse, and Fish

If you have a friend who spoils their cat with things that they love, this is a great gift to give! It features an adorable cat in front of the word “meow” and surrounded by treats that cats love.

Cat Heart with Dangling Fish Ornament

If you want to give your friend a pet-themed gift that is simple, this is the perfect ornament. You can easily personalize it by adding your friend’s cat’s name.

Cat Candy Cane Ornament

This is another fantastic simple ornament. It fits nearly any Christmas tree’s theme.

Cat Ornament – Brown Tabby

Chocolate brown cats are rare, so why not make your friend feel more special about having a unique cat? This ornament is a wonderful gift to give them.

You do not have to worry about what to give your friends who love cats. You can give them any of these ornaments and they will absolutely love it.

Personalized cat ornaments will be perfect holiday gifts for your cat-loving family or friends. Check out what we have for you at Ornaments With Love.

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