Don’t delay your varicose vein treatment because you may be sorry if you do! Here are five good reasons to go ahead and have your varicose vein treatment now, before it’s too late.

1. Reduce Your Chance of Venous Blood Clots (Thrombosis)

One of the most serious risks with varicose vein disease is the development of blood clots. If blood clots stay in place, they are relatively benign, although they may impede blood flow somewhat. However, if a blood clot breaks away from the vein wall and ends up in the lungs, you can develop a life threatening pulmonary embolism in a hurry! Having varicose vein treatment will help alleviate blood clots and prevent more from forming, i.e. a simple out patient procedure like sclerotherapy could literally save your life.

Even if you can’t actually see varicose veins on your legs, you may be experiencing symptoms like edema (swelling) or a deep aching feeling. These are signs you may have varicosities in deeper veins and potentially a blood clot in one or more of those deep veins. Deep venous blood clots (deep venous thrombosis) is more dangerous than superficial blood clots because they have more of a tendency to break away. Keep in mind too that statistics show that diabetics are at a higher risk for this type of blood clot.

2. Get Rid of Those Chubby Legs

With summer right around the corner, there’s no doubt you’ve taken time to rummage through your dresser drawers to find your bathing suit. Did you also try it on, look in the mirror, and scream, “How did my legs get so chubby!?” “why are my ankles so swollen!?” That’s what edema looks like and it can be  caused by procrastinating on getting the varicose vein treatment you need!

While cosmetic reasons may not be the only reason to get varicose vein treatment, or even the best reason, getting rid of that chubby leg look is a nice bonus for sure, even if you need the treatment primarily for medical reasons. Once your vein doctor ablates the varicose vein(s) causing the pooling of blood and fluids in your legs, your edema should be noticeably less within weeks!

3. You’ll Reduce the Chance of Developing Leg Ulcers

The most advanced stages of varicose veins often include leg ulcers. When this happens, the blood pressure in your veins becomes so out of control, and your veins, and the skin around your veins, become so weakened, that you develop leg ulcers, These are open sores that don’t heal well. You may also experience oozing that you have to treat with bandages and dressings like any other type of wound.

Why let your varicose veins go so far as to develop venous ulcers? If you get varicose vein treatment, such as laser guided sclerotherapy or laser treatment, you can often fix the problem before it goes too far, or at least improve it enough that leg ulcers never become an issue. Don’t let your fear of having a minor medical procedure allow you to let the disease advance too far. Please note too that insurance will usually pay for varicose vein treatment as long as the vein doctor is able to document the medical need for the treatment. The vein doctors at Metro Vein Centers are very good about doing this so you might want to give them a call and get the paperwork started.

4. Improve Your Self Image

Are you in a relationship with a partner who gets to see you in your birthday suit on a regular basis? Do you enjoy taking walks around the neighborhood dressed in cool shorts or skirts in the summertime? No matter how thick skinned you happen to be, no one enjoys having people stare at their gnarly veins bulging out on their legs and ankles.

Some people scorn themselves for being so “vain” (now, how’s that for a pun!) to worry about the physical appearance of their varicose veins. However, if you can actually visualize the varicose veins on your legs, you almost assuredly have an underlying medical issue that should be addressed through varicose vein treatment. There’s nothing wrong with improving your self image while you also get this serious medical issue fixed. Further, insurance will very likely pay for this improvement in your self image since your vein doctor will be able to document justifiable medical reasons for doing the varicose vein treatment.

5. It’s Actually Kind of Fun To Get a Duplex Ultrasound

Once you decide to get your legs evaluated for potential varicose vein treatment, in most cases, the vein doctor will order a duplex ultrasound of the veins in your legs. If you’ve ever been pregnant and had a sonogram, it’s a similar procedure, only it’s performed on your legs. They put a warm gel on the instrument before they slide it along your leg. Keep in mind, you can get a free evaluation of your veins at Metro Vein Centers.

The sound waves penetrating your skin during a duplex ultrasound don’t hurt at all. In fact, the worst thing that can happen during a duplex ultrasound is it can be a little ticklish in certain areas. If you have a friendly technician, you can ask him or her if they can position the monitor so you can get an up close and personal view of the inside of your leg veins. You’ll see the actual blood flow in real time. You’ll see how the vein valves work (or don’t work). You’ll also see your vein walls in graphic three dimensional relief. If you need varicose vein treatment, you can ask the vein doctor to show you why on the ultrasound image.

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