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Your business is failing. Your creditors are calling you aggressively. Getting trapped in this kind of situation indeed induces anxiety — and one of the first things you need to do is to hire a reputable bankruptcy attorney to help you sort things out and erase your debts.

Nonetheless, finding a credible one can also be daunting. You need to be meticulous about their experience, professionalism, and success rate. In this article, we’re giving you a comprehensive discussion about the five red flags you have to be aware of when hiring a bankruptcy lawyer.

They handle too many cases

You should not be surprised if you learn that a lawyer specializing in bankruptcy is currently handling around 30 cases. However, you should get an idea that an attorney is overworked if he or she is not able to personally come for your free consultation. If the attorney you’re eyeing to hire could not come even during your initial meeting, it’s an early sign that he or she won’t be able to give ample attention to your case once it commences.

They keep clients waiting

Speaking of having enough time for you, a trustworthy bankruptcy attorney should also observe punctuality at all times. If a bankruptcy law expert is known for the habit of keeping clients waiting, then you should think twice about hiring him or her. But if it’s only an isolated case of tardiness — perhaps because of an emergency or because of another client that urgently needs assistance — and he or she is professional enough to apologize and carefully explain the situation, it can still be pardonable.

They lack a sense of empathy

When you’re having discussions with your prospective attorney, do you get that feeling that he or she is not attentive in listening to your concerns or explanations? If that’s the case, it could signal that that attorney is lacking the much-needed sense of empathy. It’s the kind of flag that you should be wary of. Because without a certain degree of empathy, he or she won’t be able to fully understand your situation and give you the best possible resolution.

They don’t discuss alternative resolutions

Bankruptcy lawyers don’t only help you with filling out forms, accomplishing paperwork, and filing your case in the court. They must, first and foremost, be able to discuss with your alternative resolutions besides declaring bankruptcy. They must explain what are the benefits and consequences of each choice (e.g. While bankruptcy can help you free you from debts, it can also negatively affect your credit score). And while explaining, they should be able to relay important points in a clear and professional manner.

Their fees are unreasonably high

Especially if he or she is an esteemed name in the field, a bankruptcy attorney may charge a relatively high legal fee. Of course, the last thing you would want is to have a huge payable when you are trying so hard to erase your debts. This is why it pays to hire someone who can be flexible and empathetic about your financial situation, someone who can devise ways on how you can shoulder reasonable legal fees — fees that are well compensated with top-quality services.

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