Global e-commerce numbers indicate an expansion of the sector year after year. But how should the entrepreneur use this growth to boost his results, with such a strong and growing competition? For this, it is necessary to rethink your sales strategies to innovate and differentiate from others.

Meet 6 Sales Strategies For Online Stores

Faced with the consolidation of the segment, it is necessary to look for features that differentiate your online store [ร้าน ค้า ออนไลน์ which is the term in Thai] from that of the competition. But what is the best way to do this? Check out some tips below:


It may seem basic and even obvious, but advertising is essential for e-commerce. “Although many companies do not like it, advertising guarantees a stronger presence on the internet.

Establish A Connection With The Client

Here the most important thing is to establish one or more connection channels with your potential customers. It can be from a page on Facebook to profiles on Twitter or Instagram. Don’t forget to strengthen these connections continually.

Have A Good Website

Your website must be essentially a seller, but do not forget that it is through this tool that you will show the customer if you are good, the benefits he will receive selling something online [ขายอะไรดีออนไลน์ which is the term in Thai], and, most importantly, that it is easy to get everything he needs there.

Generate Content In Different Formats

One of the most useful sales strategies, but not used to being well used by entrepreneurs, is the generation of content. If you have different ways for your target audience to know your products, such as e-books, videos, podcasts, among others, this will enhance your reach and increase sales.

Respond Fast

Do not leave your customers waiting. When they try to resolve a question through digital tools, such as their profiles on social networks or even through e-mail, respond quickly. By showing interest, the client will perceive your intention to solve all doubts and solve any problem in an agile way.

Focus On SEO

Following the standards of Search Engine  Optimization (SEO) in your e-commerce helps increase indexing indicators in Google, which will allow you to reach better positions in organic search. In addition to being among the first pages, this provides the customer with a stronger brand image.

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