One of the most used and integral parts of any abode is the living room. A living room is a space where the entire family gets together to spend time with each other or simply just co-exist.

Now, when we use the word “modern“ to describe a living room, there are many of us who make the mistake of assuming that the room will be something that is rigid and simple. Or, it has neutral, mostly white tones painted across the walls. The reality, however, is very different.

Throughout the years, some brilliant iterations of the modern style of decorating your living room have cropped up. There are so many styles that you can take inspiration to do your space that speaks class and elegance.

Cafe-Designed Interiors

Coffee culture is relaxed, and using it as a style to decorate your living room would mean constructing a laid-back space where you can unwind with your friends and family. If you take into account the adjectives, you will realize how perfectly they describe what usually goes on in the living room.

For this purpose, think about things that you would usually find in a cafe: coffee tables, couches, chairs, and so on. For the lighting, you can opt for chandeliers or eclectic lights that add a bit of quirkiness to the entire space.

We will suggest you opt for hardwood as it would create a very homely vibe along with dark couches. If you want to break the overall monotony, you can have chairs and loveseats in bright colors such as green or blue. This style won’t be suitable for you if you want something which looks grander, so figure out what you would want your living room to look like and then proceed accordingly.

Open Plan Living

A generic term used for interior design, open plan refers to a floor plan that includes huge, open spaces and eliminates the segmentation of the space into tiny, enclosed rooms. If you don’t have a particularly large living room, or if you double your living room with a bedroom, this would be the ideal modern set up for you.

To enhance a smaller space, you have to be careful with the furniture that you use. For example, instead of having a large wardrobe, use a detached wardrobe rack. In the same way, replace your bulky bed with an adjustable bed that could double up as a piece of furniture for your living room as well.

If you are careful with the way that you use your space, you never have to worry about cramped spaces that look unpleasant to the eye.

Go the Mid-century Modern Way

One of the best styles you can use to achieve your aim of giving your room both modern and historic touches would be this particular interior style. Think low-slung furniture pieces that can complement a wooden accent wall that has a bit of intricate detailing going on.

You can have organic curves, contrasting or different materials, and an overall clean structure that looks timeless and classy. The fact that this interior style is very functional is a huge plus point as well. As it employs the use of minimal decoration, it’s perfect for homes that have kids or pets since you won’t have to worry about any kind of damage to your prized and expensive showpieces.

Chic Pastel Color Palette

Pastels are such a happy and positive color that could have a soothing effect on your mind. If you have modern furnishing, you can use pastel shades like light pink, baby blue, light yellow, etc. to make your living room look elegant and subtle.

Go for this style if you have marble flooring. You can also add velvet textures in the form of rugs or a table overthrow for highlighting the area.

You can opt for muted neutrals to adorn the walls of your living room too if pastels aren’t your style. Earthy hues like beige, mocha, and cream can also be helpful to eliminate a grey vibe if you want a warmer feel.

Combining Industrial and Minimalism

The industrial style of interior design combines a blend of industrial spaces or old factories that have been converted to living spaces. Usually, interior decorators also employ the use of unexpected material to create a statement in the room.

Now, combine this aesthetic trend with minimalism and you will have something that looks more contemporary. In this case, you can use the floor to ceiling windows making the staircase the focal point of the entire space. Just be careful to keep the end look simple – too much going on would defeat the purpose. Also as this particular style isn’t that popular, this can instantly make your living room stand out in the eyes of your guests.

An All-White Style of Living

This is one of the most popular trends as it helps to add a certain kind of opulence to the entire area. But we would like to warn you that having an all-white living room can most certainly be difficult to maintain.

The entire space should look clean, crisp, and effortless with a certain kind of freshness that will never go out of style. Incorporate a lot of flowers and green foliage for that special touch of sophistication and color. If you want a more posh and luxurious touch, you can put up different pieces of artwork that are bright and bold in color.

Converted Warehouse-y Vibe

If you have converted your warehouse into a living room, stick to the roots by opting for an all-white or muted grey palette along with weathered finishes. You will need basic pieces of furniture that may include a sectional sofa and a center table that is either gray or black.

Your living room should have a sort of rustic feel that has no extra additions in terms of color therapy and decoration. It is your furniture that should have a modern feel to it to help you get that converted warehouse aura.

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