A dough making machine makes cooking a treat and not a chore. The machine has countless options on its program menu. Each option is customized to produce a specific type of bread. When you buy a dough maker, it can be confusing to understand each recipe option. Listed below are the different options given in the program menu of a dough maker:

  1. Basic – This option is good if you want a basic white bread without much fuss. If you are making sweet yeast bread, avoid using the option as it will ovenproof the bread.
  2. Quick bread – For people who enjoy banana bread, nut bread and the likes, quick bread option will guarantee the best bread. The breads do not require rise time as they do not contain yeast. This makes it possible to bake the bread immediately.
  3. Sweet Bread – This cycle is used to make sweet yeast bread. Some people confuse this option with the quick bread option, but they are different. Quick breads do not have yeast, so they do not need extra time to rise the flour and they cook at a different pace.
  4. Jam – The dough maker setting is ideal for preparing make homemade fruit spreads. Make sure you cut the fruits into cubes for making the jam.
  5. Whole wheat – The wheat flour takes longer to make tasty bread. The rise time for this dough is longer so that it can allow the gluten to work well. In some cases, bakers add gluten to whole wheat and this allows them to change their setting to basic settings.
  6. Gluten free – Good news for people with special diets and those not allowed to eat food with gluten; you can use the gluten free option on the dough maker to make tasty bread. The ingredients for making gluten free bread vary depending on the recipe. Starch flours such as rice and potato flour are not good for the bread so use sorghum, millet or almond flour.
  7. French – The French setting on your bread maker is good for French bread as well as breads baked using the European style. This bread cooks for a longer period compared to basic bread. The timing and temperature setting on various machines differ slightly. When using the machine, you will notice that French bread takes a longer time to cook. The varying temperature and time allow the bread to acquire the required crust and texture for Italian and French bread.
  8. Rapid/Quick – Some machines label the options as rapid or quick cycle. The option is good if you want to bake your bread fast. The rise times are shortened and the bread proofs twice but for a shorter period.
  9. Dough – When you select the cycle, the machine mixes and kneads the dough for you. It relies on the timer to ensure the dough is ready when you want it. You can also use the machine to make pie crusts or cookie dough. In most cases, this option is used when one wants to bake on the oven and not the bread machine.


Programmed menus give the user the ability to set the time before respective cycles begin or end and to come up with custom cycles. Such programmed menu options provided in dough makers enable easy cooking and simple functioning. Make sure you check out these options before purchasing.

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