1. Consider some landscaping. Adding a few hedges, bushes or flowering treats add appeal to your home. Seeding your lawn and sodding can be a low-cost investment. Make sure your lawn is freshly mowed and tidy, This can actually add up towards $1000 in your overall home value.

2. Adding a deck or creating a cozy outdoor living space on your patio can definately increase the home value. Buyers love already existing decks or nice patios. A cost they will not have to incur after buying.

3. Adding a nice fire pit to the patio or backyard can add eye appeal, functional appeal for the buyers. Families enjoy outdoor living, outdoor fun and entertaining. Fire pits can be used for the kids to roast marshmellows, hot dogs etc. Many fire pits come with a cooking grate addition, perfect for the cookout parties. Fire pits come in many different sizes and prices. Choosing the perfect one for your house is easy by shopping online at www.thefirepitstore.com.

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4. Fireplaces are another alternative. These can be quite costly to have installed but can recover approximately $8000 to the selling price of your home.

5. Swimming pools are great personal projects. Many home buyers look specifically for a home with a pool. Depending on where you live, this can become even more enticing. Such as Florida, California, Texas, warmer climate states. A swimming pool can add anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000 to your home value.

6. New paint outside and inside makes a home more sellable. Be sure to choose more neutral colors inside that appeal to the masses.

7. New or clean guttering. Gutters are crucial to look and maintaining the home by diverting rain water.

8. Reduce clutter inside the home and in the garage. Also building or adding racks, tables etc for storage in the garage adds to the look and neatness.

9. If you are looking to remodel a room to make more modern, you should either do the bathrooms or the kitchen to get the most bang for your buck. Having an “old” looking kitchen is one of the biggest areas for a home buyer to find faults to whittle your asking price down. Outdated cabinets, counter tops and appliances are easy to replace and will keep your asking price higher.

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