Your car is supposed to make your transport from one point to another more convenient and efficient. If you’re driving a Benz and you’re having troubles with some Mercedes AC parts — wouldn’t it be quite distracting and uncomfortable? Can you imagine riding a car that’s not capable of providing the cool air your need, especially during warmer months?

In this article, we’re giving your tips on how to maintain and maximize the life of your automobile’s A/C system.

Use your air conditioning unit properly. Part of being a responsible car owner is knowing how to use your A/C unit properly. First, you need to let the engine heat up first before turning the unit on; put the aircon on high and open the windows to let the heat exit; then wait for a few minutes before rolling the windows up and setting the aircon to a lower level.

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Keep it debris-free. A clogged A/C unit can prompt you to look for Mercedes AC parts for repair or possible replacement. To prevent this from happening, always check the exterior grills (found underneath the windshield) and remove any debris like leaves that can get sucked into the system.

Clean your air filter regularly. Another means of preventing clogs is cleaning the air filter on a regular basis. The filter helps keep the car engine dust- and dirt-free. If not cleaned, it can clog the airway and decrease the efficiency of your A/C.

Turn it on even when it’s cold outside. When the outside temperature is low, chances are high that your windscreens and windows will be fogged, making it difficult for you to drive safely. During this time, turn on your A/C to help remove humidity inside your car.

Practice defrosting. To prevent mildew from forming and accumulating, you should defrost your A/C once a week. For at least ten minutes, set your aircon to the coolest and highest fan settings. Set it on defrost afterward for about five minutes.

Get rid of the bad smell. Who would want to ride a car reeking of a pungent smell? Part of maintaining an A/C system — and a vehicle, in general — is the use of products that help get rid of bad odor.

Do some deep cleaning. As in any other car parts, Mercedes A/C parts need to be cleaned thoroughly on a periodic basis to ensure they are in good running condition. This will also help prevent the build-up of grime and other debris that may hamper the system from cooling your car in an efficient manner.

Schedule it for professional service. Once a year, it’s important to subject your car to a professional cleaning and maintenance service. Apart from keeping your A/C unit in pristine condition, experts can use this time to inspect and address signs of wear and tear.

Always refer to the car owner’s manual. From using your aircon properly to cleaning it using the right materials, the information you need to maximize your unit’s lifespan is written in the user manual. Take time to read the instructions and apply them accordingly.

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