Email Marketing is the practice of delighting your audience with valuable content and offers via emails to facilitate brand promotion and increase sales. Today, email marketing is easier than ever before with built-in templates for any message, be it welcoming subscribers or wishing a customer on their birthday. Moreover, they are user-friendly and easily navigable. As such, your emails will appear as if they are an extension of your website.

Does email marketing work?

Email is one of the most inexpensive for marketing your products. Studies have found that email marketing has an average of 38% return on investment. When customers want to buy something, they often hop on to their email from their favorite brands. However, challenges for email marketing are more stringent now because people receive emails all the time and it is hard to stand out every time. For more information about the tried and tested tricks in the book, visit

How to create an email list?

You can get a high return on investment, provided you have a subscriber list that is engaged to you and wants to receive your messages. Building a clean list from scratch can consume a lot of your valuable time, and therefore websites such as ease the process through their built-in tools. You can start by creating a contact form or a signup form on your site. If visitors love your content, then, they would like to stay connected with you, and a signup form thus makes it easy. You can give away a free e-book through a pop-up in exchange for their email. You can then engage your subscribers through weekly or monthly newsletters.

You can also increase signups through social media. If your social media following is excellent, then, you can use that opportunity to create a substantial email list. Offer a discount or provide an incentive to visitors for signing up to your email list. You can also build a landing page using best imagery, content and a clear call to action to drive more email signups.

Is it right to buy an email list?

You should never buy an email list. Experts say that purchased lists are ineffective because they are identified as spam. Spam filters are most likely flag your IP as spam if something has ever flagged you for the same in the past. Try to abide by anti-spam laws and keep the sending reputation of your IP intact.

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