The advanced version of solving the mathematical equalities and also for solving the reasoning exams can be possible by this coded inequality and Syllogism Questions. And also solve this mathematical inequality there are some direct inequality operators are used here and they are said to be Greater than or less than or greater than or equal to and so many more operators are used here. And also these kinds of mathematical inequality questions and operators can also be helpful for preparing for competitive exams and these can be asked in exams like bank exams and so many competitive exams

Different kinds of steps used in solving inequality reasoning

 There are different kinds of method used for solving the data by coded inequality in reasoning

  • Decoding of a table is the easiest way or method for making a table first
  • Adding of different kinds of operator symbols in table and symbols like not smaller than, neither small than nor equal to ,neither greater than or equal to and so many more operator symbol are here should be added inside the table
  • Start to insert the decoding symbol one after the other and then start inserting the decoded operators inside the table
  • Decoding statements can be done and can be used it in decoding table
  • Combining the decoding statement to one statement
  • And conclude all the statements individually

Coding statements in competitive exams

These kind of statement related to coding inequality kind of questions are asked in competitive exams like bank and so many kind of competitive exams these kind of statement question are asked and the question can be solved in an easiest way by combining the two statements in to an individual statement .

Steps for Solving of inequality questions in reasoning

There are different steps to be followed for solving the question in reasoning

  • The first step in every equation is said to ignore equal to
  • The second step is said to be repeating same sign again and again will be the answer
  • The third step is common sign so that every sign can be ignored easily
  • The fourth step is there is three possibilities for opposite sign

Possibility cases of solving question method

 There are two possibility cases for solving the question and they are

  • The two possibilities are given in conclusion and thus both the conclusions can have the same variables and can apply either or between the conclusion that means time one of the two given conclusion will be surely true
  • If some of the possibility is given then the conclusion is said to be wrong otherwise the possibility can be true

Thus this inequality gives a clear idea of statements and also the easiest way of solving the inequality. Thus there are a possibility of conclusion that is producing same variables is possible and also the inequality solving question can be asked in competitive exams.

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