Ok, so you’ve seen her in the other corner of the room.In your mind an impression forms that she may be the one.

You head straight to her. You’re heart is pumping, your palms sweat. You come close to her… and then…you fail. So what do you say to her? How do you behave?Here are 10 pieces of advice for your first attempt from a popular sex store Fleshlight Store. Everyone knows that women are always right.

1: Don’t ask for a date right away.

Wait for a conversation to set in before asking her out.And for the God’s sake, before that find out what her name is.If she doesn’t know who you are it doesn’t matter if you are charming, sweet or good looking, chances are very small that’s she’d be comfortable to date a stranger.

2: Don’t stress her immediately as she enters the room.

A woman first likes to get comfortable, have a drink, say “Hello” to her friends before being approached by an “eagle” type of man.Let her get relaxed before approaching her.

3: Don’t over flatter her, don’t exaggerate with compliments and flowers.

If you want to compliment her say something simple like “You have a wonderful smile!”

4: If you buy her a drink don’t expect miracles.

Even if she says “thank you” there’s no guarantee. Better send her a drink anonymously.In this way you’ll make her think of the sender. This inspires mystery and intrigue, and she’ll thank you personally. In this way you have the chance for an interesting chat.

5: When you approach a group of women don’t go to everyone of them

Use your head.Every woman wants to feel special. She won’t feel any of that if your treat them like being on a conveyor.

6: Don’t be desperate, anxious or stressed out, keep the distance and don’t rush to touch her.

So many men tend to ignore this rule.There is a huge difference between being pleasantly insistent and upsetting; have a friendly chat, don’t ruin everything by putting your arm around her.

7: If you intend to call her later ask for her phone number.

If you can get her phone number the job is half-done.After all, she wouldn’t give her phone number if she didn’t want to call her.

8: Ask her out at least 2 days in advance.

Don’t rush the date, it shows a quiet desperation, good things come for those who wait.

9: Don’t ask her to go with you on a holiday, at a wedding or on your job assignment.

You’ve hardly met her. She knows you very little for your first meeting.

10: Spend some money on chewing gum.

If you don’t you won’t get very far from saying “Hello”.

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