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More and more motorists have an air conditioner in their car. Good maintenance is not only an environmental matter, but also a matter for your wallet.

  • A number of tips to keep the system in good condition.
  • If it is very hot, first open the doors or windows.
  • Turn it on for 10 minutes once a week, even in winter.

Switch off the air conditioning 10 minutes before switching off the engine. This prevents condensation in the installation and therefore the risk of mold and therefore unpleasant odors.

  • Switch on the air conditioning in case of fogged windows, the moisture is removed from the room.
  • Don’t put it too cold.
  • Have the air conditioning checked at least once a year.

Depending on the weather, there is often a puddle of water under a car with an air conditioner. This is condensed water, so you don’t have to worry about that.

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Next week the first real summer heat of this year is expected

It is high time for us to give you some tips on the use of your air conditioning. A properly working air-conditioner not only increases the comfort in your car, but also ensures that you are cool behind the wheel. It is therefore wise to properly maintain and use the air conditioning system in your car. This prevents repairs, mold and high fuel consumption. With LK Brothers aircon chemical wash you can properly take care of the most or air conditioning.

Usage tips

When your car is warmed up by the warmth of the sun, open the windows at the start of your car trip so that the warm air can escape.

When you are almost at your destination (about 10 minutes in advance) turn off the air conditioning. This prevents mold, bacteria and air conditioning problems.

If you have an automatic air conditioner, let it do its work yourself. So do not operate it manually, the air conditioning will use more.

Maintenance tips

  • Regardless of whether you use the air conditioner a lot or little, it is important to maintain the air conditioner regularly. Regular maintenance prevents unnecessary expensive repairs.
  • Regularly replace the interior and pollen filters in your car. If you have your car serviced by us, we will of course do this for you.
  • Have your air conditioning checked regularly. That way you know for sure that there is always enough refrigerant in your air conditioning. Every year, the loss and evaporation reduces the refrigerant by 8 to 10%.

What used to be rare has now become generally good: air conditioning systems for individuals and companies. With different heat waves per year, a home that is too warm is no longer an exceptional event. What do you pay attention to when installing an air conditioner? Does air conditioning need maintenance? What to do if the air conditioning needs to be repaired? You can read the answers to these questions here.

Place air conditioning

If you want a private installation, you can choose from 3 different systems or types of air conditioning . Depending on your wishes, you opt for a monoblock or split air conditioner. We also explain briefly what a mobile air conditioner includes. Of course, the installation of industrial air conditioning is more complex and there are many more options.

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