Poppers have been used as a party and sex drug for many, many years, with a large number of people loving to rush and head bang that they are able to provide. Not only this, but they have been known to be incredibly popular among the gay community due to their great ability to relax muscles. However it has now come to a point where a lot of people are starting to worry about the side effects in which can come with inhaling the substance, choosing to put their little bottles of magic away.

But did you know that liquid gold poppers are also great for many other uses? If you want to start using poppers in more conventional and appropriate ways, check out a bunch of different uses below…

Other Uses

Cleaning pans and kitchen appliances– Over time pans and kitchen appliances, especially those made from steel can become stained and marked. Even when scrubbing with a rough scouring pad it can be hard to eliminate all nasty marks. This is something that liquid gold poppers can help with. Tough stains on steel can be dismissed simply by squirting on some poppers, leaving to work its magic, and then wiping away with some cotton wool. It really is as easy as that. After cleaning your metal appliances with poppers, you will not doubt be able to see your reflection.

Cleaning leather clothing and furniture – Poppers can also be used to clean leather of all kinds, and due to how clean poppers can make leather, many people believe that this may have been their intended initial purpose. Again to clean leather with poppers people simply must wipe the areas that they want to clean in a circular motion. Poppers can even remove the toughest of stain from leather without causing any discolouring or dulling.

Cleaning records – People have been using poppers to clean their records for as long as poppers have been around – with this being their initial and possible greatest purpose. Poppers can clean records better than any substances and there is years of evidence behind this to prove it too. Poppers are often sold in record stores along record so that people can be prepared and have the greatest cleaning product right from the start.

These are only some of the alternative uses of liquid gold poppers too, as you can probably guess by now; most of the uses for poppers are cleaning-based. It is one of the greatest cleaning products available and incredibly affordable in comparison to its competition too! If you are thinking about ordering some poppers we would definitely urge you to go ahead – We are sure that you will not be disappointed and certain that you will be impressed with just how clean they are able to make your belongings. Most people when buying poppers to clean their things up for the first time realise that they have been missing a trick and end up ordering them on repeat!

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