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When you are buying the school backpacks for your kids one of the things that you would surely pay attention to is the price factor. As a price conscious customer you would take time to compare the prices between multiple wholesale backpack stores. However, what more parents probably including you do not do is to check whether the backpacks are ergonomically designed. 

If the backpacks you are ordering are not properly designed then the weight will not be uniformly distributed and this could affect your kids’ spine. Your kids will be carrying or using the backpacks loaded with school books. When they carry such huge weight on their back and if the weight is not uniformly distributed then it will certainly affect their backs. You should not therefore make any mistakes here. Remember your kids have to use the school bags on daily basis. In other words they are exposed to this risk on daily basis. 

What are the important factors one needs to pay attention to when ordering wholesale backpacks? To start with check whether the backpack is made of sturdy material so that it is not sagging when it is fully loaded. You will find various options in the market when it comes to backpacks material. Take your time to select some strong material. This will also ensure your backpack’s long life. The shoulder straps are often not well positioned in poorly designed backpacks. The shoulder straps should not be too widely spaced. The spacing between the straps should not be wider than the shoulders of the kids. If the spacing between the shoulder straps is more than it should be then discard such models or select a smaller sized backpack. The straps should also be of the right length. Some of the inferior quality backpacks come with very small straps whereby the kids find it very difficult to put the back on to their shoulders especially when the backpack is fully loaded. If the shoulder straps are of adjustable type then it would be even better. Unless you pay close attention to these factors you could easily miss out on such details and finally your kids would be the ones who suffer. 

Check whether the backpacks come with multiple partitions so that your kids could easily arrange the things without having to shove things in. further to that it would be good if the backpacks come with additional straps such as chest strap and hip strap to provide extra support. 

The zippers should be of good quality. Cheap zippers will be damaged after few weeks. This is one of the most frequently used features of the backpacks used by kids to carry books. They will be using the zippers several times every day. Therefore it is important that the zippers are of good quality. 

If you want to pay attention to all these details while ordering your school supplies it is important that you start the shopping process in good time. 

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