The time has come for you to break free of the traditional folder and file structures. It is time to make rooms for new ideas. A major element in most of the DAM systems is that the files can easily exist in any form of organizational categories. Once you have tagged the document in DAM, you are likely to find it by searching for anyone in the photo, or the name of the conference, or any information associated with that particular file. With the traditional file structures, whenever you encounter photos of groups or the filing systems, you encounter problem of finding the right one. If you try to create folders for every combination, then it will add more issues in finding right file. This is not the case with DAM or digital asset management.

Good organizational structure is important:

A good folder and file based organizational structure is vital but using SAM means that you are just free of such concerns, as files might exist anyplace indexing DAM software. So, theoretically speaking all will be mixed together in one larger directory. Popular systems are used by digital organizers and those are effective and simple. They are using dated folders, one for every year, 12 sub folders for months and then daily folders within very month. For sorting out files in chronological manner, you can use the two-digit month system as part of B2B Marketing and Digital Asset Management too.

The usual strategies followed by DAM:

Even though a proper DAM does not actually care where the files are located physically, keeping them proficiently organized at every regular interval will help in cutting down on the single folders containing thousands of files. Even to this date, proficient organizations of large numbers of files can slow down headaches with some of the major operating systems now. So, get the best B2B Marketing and Digital Asset Management in here.

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