While picking restroom flooring, think about how it will perform under pressure. What’s more, the pressure occasion for this situation includes water, bunches of it. Water is so common in washrooms that it is a desire, not an oddity. Water is all over the place, on the dividers, roof, and the floor. Dampness will probably destroy an inappropriate deck. To make matters considerably increasingly troublesome, you, in the long run, need to manoeuvre those different components into the exchange. On the off chance that dampness was the main factor, sheet vinyl or clay tile would probably win unfailingly.

Ceramic Tile 

Ceramic tile is regarded as the best  vinyl flooring(ไว นิล ปู พื้น which is the term in Thai) in all around the globe for restroom flooring because it is waterproof, sharp, and financially savvy. It’s made with waterproof and is perfectly fine, and it is suited well in the bathroom because it can hold you from slipping down.

  The PTCA confirms these types of tile as “porcelain” if these tiles contain a water retention pace of 0.3% or less. On the off chance that it is the  half washroom or powered room, there is to a lesser extent need to purchase or go for porcelain tiles on the grounds that there are no existing washing offices

Regular or Natural Stone 

Regular or Natural stone is a decent decision for the restroom, however just in the event that you can manage the cost of it. 

There are hardly any clamminess issues with marble, shake, limestone, and the other stone deck decisions. Regular stone is hard, strong, and gorgeously fulfilling. Stoneground surface returns incredible resale regard. Stoneground surface can be cold and unsafe. Chill can be comprehended by presenting splendid warming. Natural stone looks more natural more than ceramic tile,  while most matured people go for natural stone, it has woody Look with the best design ever.

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