Solar Panels convert solar energy to electricity that is used t power your home or office. This statement is true to some extent. But if you think that using solar energy is so easy, it wouldn’t have taken decades for scientists to develop solar power kits. Actually, solar power kits don’t just consist of solar panels and batteries to store electricity. But without a solar power inverter to convert the produced DC electric current to AC output, you wouldn’t be able to take benefit of the free energy.

Solar power products and solar panels are widely accepted as an effective solution to traditional energy sources. Homeowners and businesses have been investing in the technology to take benefit from reduced monthly electricity bills. Both equally benefit from the usage of Solar panels kits and thus the popularity of solar panels has risen to a great extent.

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While buying a solar kit for your home or business, you will likely want to get the best deal on solar panels. But solar power inverters also make a major part of the solar kit price. Solar Power inverters come in three major types and that are off-grid, hybrid, and grid tied. All of them are different in their power handling capacity and payload. You should choose the one that fits your requirement well. If you can’t decide which system to buy, then log on to the official website of Solar Advice.

Solar Advice is a South African distribution store that mainly deals in solar power units. They have the biggest inventory of solar products ranging from solar panels, geysers, batteries, solar power inverters at very affordable prices. They have a solar calculator that you can use to calculate your investment and the savings you will have on a solar kit. Experts at Solar Advice also give free guidance to people so that they can buy a system that is sufficient for their needs. If you also have a dilemma of choosing the best solar inverter, you can ask them from their website support portal.

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