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Whether its spring cleaning or classic weekly or bi-monthly cleaning, the watchword is always one organization. Creating a roadmap and having in mind how, what and when to clean, taking care of the home environment will be much easier than it seems. It takes just a few tricks to keep the house tidier for longer, such as knowing how often you need to clean this or that surface, which ingredients are ideal for removing stains and always having in mind a pattern to follow , so as not to forget anything . You are ready? These are our favorite tips, don’t forget to add your comments and download our useful checklist. The cleaning services in Singapore happen to be the best option there.

  1. Ventilate the premises

It may seem superficial or banal, but changing the air is very important not only to combat the smell of closed or sweat that can be created after night, but also to avoid the accumulation of dust or the creation of humidity and therefore mold. If you suffer from an allergy, especially in spring, opening the window could attract pollen and other allergens into the house. It is therefore important to wash the curtains more often, but do not give up the change of air!

  1. In the room: make the beds again

You know, the redone bed immediately gives a feeling of order and is clean throughout the room, so make a commitment and redo the bed every morning and change the sheets at least once a week . The trick? Use bedspreads or duvets of materials that shrivel little, and that are easy to spread, rather than having to go crazy among the thousand folds of the sheets.

  1. In the kitchen: the sink

Organizing house cleaning also means knowing your limits. It would be utopic to think of cleaning the kitchen thoroughly every day, but there are some critical points for which we should have an eye on. The sink for example: here up to 10,000 bacteria per square centimeter proliferate: try to clean the sink at least once a day, just a little water and vinegar or water and baking soda.

  1. Laundry: do it the right way

Leaving mountains of clothes to wash is not only counterproductive for your home organization (more delayed, more clothes will be washed, more piles of clothes to iron) but it can also be harmful to your health. Each load of dirty laundry can in fact contain up to 100 million bacteria: organize yourself so as not to let dirty clothes accumulate for weeks at a time. Try to synchronize it with the change of linen and towels: both sheets and towels should be changed once a week, try to alternate several days so you don’t have to find yourself washing everything at once.

  1. Don’t forget the floors

Depending on the material in which your flooring is made it is important to use the most suitable products , for example a little olive oil will help you protect parquet floors , while for tile floors you can make detergents with the Marseille soap and lemon . Since it could be difficult (if not impossible) to wash the floors every day, at least remember to always have a broom or vacuum cleaner handy.

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