The Blue Grass state with its fertile farmlands, rural forests, and majestic mountain regions is a place you are considering as a home for you and now you are considering erecting a cabin when you purchase land. You are aware that Kentucky is a commonwealth state where each county has their own home ownership rules and regulations. So it was no surprise that you stopped when you saw a sign that said Kentucky land for sale.

The land for building your country cabin, if on or adjoined to Forest Service land property, has been approved. The Kentucky Heritage Council knows that you will adhere to its building requirements to preserve and protect the cultural resources of Kentucky’s heritage and archaeological history.

The next question is whether you want to build a country cabin to live in, or for additional income, to rent it out for seasonal recreational purposes. Preparing your cabin and getting it ready is not a last minute decision. Your lead time is important because of the Kentucky region you are in and thinking about how you want to build it.

There are modern-day options, due to technology, that allows a country cabin to be a DIY project. You can also build your country cabin through a company that specializes in prebuilt cabin structures with plumbing, utilities, and additional fixtures.

What are the desirable features of a Kentucky country cabin that makes them a great investment? Let’s look at a few advantages:

*Present day timber technology eliminates static electricity meaning that dust that creates allergies does not exist.

*Country log homes can be built quicker so your expense costs are lessened.

*Country cabin homes do not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions like other materials do, such as concrete.

*Country cabins are healthier to live in because they repel mold and mildew. Also, insect and termite issues are nearly non-existent with modern construction innovations like specialized treated wood materials.

Owning and living in your own rustic-designed country cabin in Kentucky is like heaven on earth, especially if you build near a lake. Envision you and your family barbecuing daily on your wraparound wooden porch, creating evening campfires, jumping off and swimming from a pontoon platform, boating, and fishing just a few yards from your country cabin. These adventures are just a few of the scenic and adventuresome times you can have in rural Kentucky. Kentucky is a place where a country log cabin fits in perfectly.

What about your decision to rent out your beautiful country cabin? Are there pros and cons to consider? Yes, there are, so let’s look at a few considerations:


i.Maintenance: At the top tier of what may be considered disadvantages in renting out your country cabin is maintenance. Country log cabins require an annual cleaning, not to mention restaining and resealing around every three years. There is an old adage that states that no one is going to keep your home like you do. Certainly, renters are no different. You have your rules and sometimes individuals obey them and sometimes they don’t. Either way, after your country cabin renters have left, you must inspect your property, clean up, and hopefully, there are no repairs required.

  1. Insurance: Country log cabins are much more expensive to carry insurance on than traditional homes. Insurance carriers don’t see your country cabin as you do. What they see is a rustic structure that could possibly be a fire hazard, even though modern-day cabins are constructed to be fire-resistant. If there is damage to your rental country cabin, your premiums could be raised higher than what you are already paying.


*Country log cabins are eco-friendly structures.

*Fits in perfectly in a natural environment setting.

*Country cabins are durable because they are built to withstand strong winds, earthquakes, heavy snowfalls, and consistent rainfalls.

*Energy efficiency that can be constructed with Kentucky rules on building codes

* Log cabins are almost sound proof. Actually, wood is a great acoustic sound absorbing materials that help to reduce noise and echoing.

*Craftsmanship is a part of the country cabin industry. They are unique structures that can be considered a long-term investment.

Where is there a better place to live than in Kentucky, surrounded by international distilleries, horse farms, great college basketball, natural resources, bountiful cultural exchanges, and amazing lakes filled with a variety of fish Fishing will be your new past time. Then you can go spelunking in the Mammoth Cave National Park and take part in weekend agricultural fairs and much much more.

Whether choosing to live in a country cabin and/or build a country cabin for renting to hunters or seasonal family retreats, Kentucky invites you to relax and enjoy the aesthetics that a Kentucky country cabin invites.

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