LinkedIn is a professional social media platform with primary professional audience for businesses or consumers or people who are looking to change their professional profile. There are a number of LinkedIn users who have listed crowdfunding as one of their skills. LinkedIn has almost 920 active groups related to crowdfunding whose members are either looking for funds themselves or willing to back a crowdfunding project. Crowdfunding India says that the numbers clearly indicate that LinkedIn has a lot of potential of becoming a prime social media platform for spreading a crowdfunding campaign.

Crowdfunding depends on people’s ability to empathize with your cause. Write a compelling and genuine account of the reasons and the situation which initiated the campaign. The content should be enticing enough to grab the attention of the professionals who visit LinkedIn regularly. If they find it attractive, they will start talking about it and start sharing it on other platforms and spreading the word around.

Crowdfunding India says that LinkedIn groups are a useful resource to create business leads. Join the LinkedIn groups and discuss, comment and try to establish contacts with the people who seem like potential donors. You have to become an active member of LinkedIn first, before you start to use it as a marketing platform for your crowdfunding campaign. Otherwise your content might come under the spam category and will be ejected. You have to create a group of professionals first whom you can influence.

Any successful crowdfunding campaign needs top-notch networking,. LinkedIn fulfills this purpose as it lets you start conversations with potential donors and clients.Try to use the upgraded version of LinkedIn and get access to all the additional information. Crowdfunding India says that LinkedIn has some features crucial for crowdfunding, like, advanced search and targeting options, statistics data, the In Mail feature which allows you to connect with the big-shot professionals, who will reply eventually. They have separate plans which you can fit perfectly for crowdfunding purpose.

Crowdfunding India says that contents with more visuals seem to attract more attention. LinkedIn has features where  can upload other contents and videos there. Now this Slide Share made changes in the in their application and now every presentation or video uploaded on  Slide Share will be displayed in LinkedIn profile. Using Slide Share’s LinkedIn sharing option you can engage more backers for your crowdfunding project.

LinkedIn search engine visibility, raise brand awareness, helps to build relationships and definitely helps to drive quality leads.

Crowdfunding India points out that LinkedIn provides an opportunity for huge traffic of professionals to back your campaign. Also, you can speak with your donors and connect to their opinions in the feedback section.

You can’t force anyone to donate to your online crowdfunding campaign, but you can ask a favor to share about your crowdfunding project. One share means at little one more person to come across your campaign. Talk to everyone you know on LinkedIn including your peers and ask them to share it on LinkedIn.

Crowdfunding India says that the campaign project promotion on LinkedIn is very different from other social networks. Nevertheless, it can do wonders to spread the word around about your campaign. You can visit the Crowdfunding India page for further details.

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