Art is one of the subtler aspects of life whose importance we do not understand unless it is missing. Art has been responsible for protests and revolutions. It has created peace and harmony. The importance of art is undeniable in our lives. From our younger days, we are taught art in our schools in the hope that it will help us express ourselves better.

This privilege is provided to us only because we attend schools that can invest time, energy and money on art. Not all schools have such facilities. Especially schools in slums, government run schools in rural areas etc. invest in rudimentary infrastructure. Many students find themselves unable to explore their more sensitive sides.

Crowdfunding is a process through which people can contribute small amounts of money in order to raise a large sum of money geared towards a particular cause. This way no one person feels burdened. Crowdfunding has been used for a whole lot of good in society – to support people taking medical treatments, make schools, start special classes etc. Education crowdfunding can therefore be used to start classes in schools where children are particularly vulnerable to lead drab lives.

An art class can make a significant amount of difference in the lives of students. They can explore their inner sensibilities. It might even result in discovery of some splendid talent. Therefore, crowdfunding educationdoes include raising funds for art. If you are an NGO or an individual that wants to start art classes in a school, you can raise funds online for this. Here is a step by step guide you can follow:

  1. Start a fundraiser on a crowdfunding site of your choice. Make sure that your site has experience with crowdfunding for education. Your site should also be able to provide you with a campaign manager in exchange for your service fees.
  1. You can make your fundraiser more appealing. You can use art made by children as a way to drive in your point when you make your fundraiser. You can upload pictures of children or a video of the school you intend to raise money for. There is no end to the number of things you can do. Your idea should attract people and make them feel hopeful.
  1. To boost your campaign further you can make a video. In it you can have children talk about their art. You can also get in touch with psychologists and ask them about the benefits of art on children. Snippets of these interviews can then be put on the campaign video.
  1. You have to campaign massively online. This includes getting in touch with all your contacts on Facebook and Whatsapp. You can use Instagram as a means to reach out to people who are already using a visual medium.
  1. If you think your campaign may not be enough to raise the amount you need, you can start a number of support fundraisers to be shared by friends. These people must be part of your team. Raising money alone can get tiring but with a team you can reach a larger number of people.
  1. Consider getting in touch with NGOs that work for child rights in order to get contributions. Individual activists can also be useful in this regard.

There are various uses to crowdfunding and because of this it is important that we create a good crowdfunding culture. This is why you should leave a “thank you” message for every contributor. At the same time, you should keep in touch with all your contributors with every new phase of development in your project. It is absolutely essential that your contributors stay informed about how their money has been spent.

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