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Houseplants have a way of sprucing up a place, don’t they? These lush potted greens can magically transform a simple city apartment into a majestic Balinese home. But aside from their aesthetic advantages, indoor plants also provide incredible benefits to your mental health. 

Not many people know this, but turning your living quarters into a green space has powerful effects on your state of mind. As such, we’ve rounded up eight scientifically-proven health benefits of sprucing up your place with indoor plants: 

Greens Banish the Blues

Coming home to a shabby apartment at the end of a grueling shift at work is such a mood killer. Our immediate environment can greatly affect our mental state, so we must try to make our living space an uplifting and nurturing habitat. 

If you want to create an atmosphere of positivity and wellness in your own home, try decorating it with a variety of houseplants. Research suggests that constant exposure to natural greens can minimize the levels of stress in our bodies. Instead of swinging by the park or going for a walk into the woods, filling your home with lovely blooms and lush greens can be your own form of nature therapy.

Nature therapy is a scientifically-proven way to ease muscle tension, regulate heart activity, minimize stress hormone levels, reduce blood pressure, and improve immune system function. Exposure to green spaces also helps you achieve a sense of relaxation and lessen levels of anxiety.  

Aside from that, plants are proven to eliminate feelings of depression. How is that possible? The microbes found in the plants’ soil contain natural antidepressants. These microbes release cytokines that stimulate the production of serotonin in the human brain. As a result, a person’s mood levels are improved tenfold. 

In addition, a serum made from soil bacteria also exhibited a reduction in the levels of pain and sadness in sick patients. Who would’ve thought that simple dirt could be such a mood changer?

So, next time you feel down in the dumps, schedule a relaxing facial, get a much-needed Brazilian wax, or simply breathe in the rich aroma of fresh vegetation to uplift your dampened spirits next time around.

Plants Allow Creativity to Bloom

Refurbishing your living area with a scenic view of greens can significantly boost your creativity levels.

 Research shows that the presence of blooms and foliage improved work creativity by 15%. This improvement in performance can be attributed to the increased levels of peace, happiness, and concentration that came with being exposed to indoor plants.

Moreover, according to a published journal, the lush color of plants also showed a psychological effect on people’s mental processes. Through visual stimulation, the color green is said to pave the way for increased motivation and improvement in performance. As it embodies the very basic concept of growth, green stimulates people’s creativity and work productivity than any other color out there.

If you want your creative juices flowing, you might want to start by sprucing up your home with potted plants.

Leafy Friends Are the Best Companions 

Living all alone in your apartment can sometimes take a toll on your mental health. But being constantly surrounded by potted plants offers people a sense of security.

Houseplants offer a different kind of companionship to humans—that’s why exposure to lush vegetation is often prescribed to people with mental struggles. Plants’ physical presence actually helps in easing levels of anxiety and loneliness in humans.

Aside from that, assuming the role of a plant parent also gives people an added sense of responsibility. It paves the way for productive activities such as watering plants and rearranging them. Just like taking care of a child or a pet, individuals get to establish a deeper sense of connection to a whole different living creature.

Fresh Foliage Is a Brain-Booster

Plants can actually enhance your cognitive performance.

Several studies suggest that exposure to natural environments showed an increase in brain size and thinking ability in animals, but some contest that this is also true in humans. Being exposed to nature can effectively bring forth positive changes in our mental capacities.

Aside from that, some studies link lush landscapes with memory performance. Patients with memory problems who are introduced to outdoor activities such as gardening and landscaping exhibited improvement in their cognitive functions and even in their behaviors.

Not only is it a good physical workout, but taking care of plants can also stimulate the brain and exercise its sensory networks. 

There are specific plants that cater to memory and concentration. Lavender, for example, is not only a top choice in refining sleep problems, but it’s also a great plant for improving cognitive performance. Peppermint, on the other hand, gives a boost in memory function while providing a refreshing aroma to your home. Luckily, there are a lot of indoor plants out there that cater to your exact needs. 

Indeed, decking out your home with lush greens is a great way to establish your definition of peace and paradise. After all, the best way to cultivate a healthy state of mind is to create a nurturing physical environment first.

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