How you design and decorate your home is important. Whether it’s the bespoke internal or the external joinery Kent, you can look towards pros from DB Specialist Joinery Ltd to help you with the visualisation of the concept designs. You should also keep in mind the safety of your kids when it comes to starting your project from the ground up.

No matter how good a house looks, it doesn’t matter if it is not going to be safe for everyone living inside of it. Through detailed construction CAD drawings, you will be able to look at all the possibilities that may arise when the house is finished and there are people living in it. Stairs should always be designed to be safe for kids regardless of whether there will be children or not using the space.

How To Design Stairs Safe For Kids

Childproofing your stairs is not going to be an easy task. There is no one set guideline for stairs due to the sheer amount of varieties that you have when it comes to designing stairs. Some people have straightforward designs while some opt for awkward staircases to increase the aesthetic of their home.

Just because you want stairs that are safe for kids does not mean that you have to lose the style that you want. Expecting parents may have their children in mind when coming up with a house design, but those that don’t have any kids yet nor are expecting would be taken by surprise when finding out about how unsafe certain stair designs are.

1. Stair Gates

One of the best ways to prevent a child from accessing the stairs is having a stair gate on both ends. Most basic staircase will already have an area where you can fit a stair gate on, but it may be tough to find a stair gate that could fit a unique staircase. This is when pros come in to help with joinery Kent.

2. Carpeted Flooring

You can’t expect children, how may just be learning how to walk, to have the same grasp as adults when it comes to their footing. There’s a reason why they need constant attention: they always fall and even trip over themselves. Having stair carpets greatly reduces the risk of kids falling down due to losing their footing when slipping.

3. Teach Them

Kids are sponges when it comes to knowledge. As long as you teach them the proper way to go up and down the stairs, then they will learn eventually. There will come a time when you don’t need to worry about having to constantly assist them in every step that they make. Let them experience tripping down, but you should always catch them to prevent them from being injured.

4. Maintenance

Stairs that are maintained are stairs that pose less risk for everyone that uses them. This is when DB Specialist Joinery Ltd comes in. They work with local authorities and conservation officers to ensure that the joinery Kent provided meet all conservation requirements. Make sure that you call them to design stairs that are safe for kids.

For top quality furniture, doors, windows, stairs, and other joinery Kent, let our team at DB Specialist Joinery customise it for you. Contact us today and let’s discuss your needs.

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