Shangri La Yerevan has become the most successful casino of Storm International company in 2017. CEO of Storm International, Darren Keane told about operating results and admitted, that Armenian casino almost doubled the number of visitors. It rose by 48%.

There are some reasons for such a success. Firstly, Yerevan had the number of international flights of 2017 doubled. So, there was a lot of tourists interested in gambling vacations. Secondly, Darren Keane, Storm International CEO said, Shangri La has a very good reputation: casinos in Tbilisi and Minsk were awarded as the best casinos of their countries. All Shangri La CIS units showed great growth in 2017.

Shangri La Yerevan works in VIP niche, offers perfect service, a lot of events and have numerous popular games. Management and a team of Storm International are very strong. Visit Shangri La Yerevan and get an excellent gaming experience!

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