While driving an electric vehicle may be a great way to help the environment, it isn’t always the easiest thing to find a place to charge. ChargePoint charges electric vehicles in many places and provides the largest and open electric vehicle charging network. ChargePoint comes up with all the designs for EV charging solutions in Seattle Washington. They also provide support for their charging network. They handle all the station hardware to software needed to manage energy on a mobile app.

ChargePoint charging stations are incredibly reliable and provide an affordable and sleek residential product. With the mobile app, you can start your car remotely, and you can even schedule and track your vehicle’s charging. The product has won awards for innovation and human-centered design.

We offer several models of ChargePoint home models. One is the 16-amp electric vehicle charging station. It features a 12-foot cable. The 32-amp model has an 18-foot cable, so you can charge faster and have the ability to park further from the charging station. We also offer a 32-amp charging station with a 25-foot cable.

If you need charging stations for an entire fleet or multi-family applications, the CPF25 family of chargers are the answer. Your tenants or employees can charge vehicles in assigned parking spots. The charging station features have energy management features like lower installation and electricity costs as well as panel sharing and scheduled charging. You can also control who uses the charging stations. Giving RFID cards to specific cars and drivers means that only those who have approved vehicles or who have approved can charge at your stations. These chargers charge at a maximum rate of 25 miles of range per hour, and they can supply up to 7.7 kilowatts of power. Some cars can be charged in fewer than four hours with this family of chargers. The 32-amp chargers in this family feature 18- and 25-foot cables.

Finally, the CT4000 family of chargers is great for businesses, towns and cities, and property owners. Employees, clients, residents, and fleet owners can make the most use of these chargers. You can charge users by time, how many kilowatt hours they use, or by the session, and you can charge by any combination of these. Additionally, you can charge different groups of drivers different amounts or even different amounts based on the time of day.

We offer a wide range of EV charging solutions in Seattle Washington, so call us to help you design the perfect system for your particular application.

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