The market today is brimming with products targeting oily, dry or sensitive skin. The majority of people guess their skin types inaccurately. It is a tricky business to figure out the skin types because skin changes over time. Climate, hormones and diet are some of the significant factors that affect an individual’s skin type over time.

How many skin types are there today?

OILY SKIN: This type of skin secretes the maximum amount of oil to keep itself moisturized but sometimes the process goes into overdrive when the pores are large. Bigger glands mean more active oil glands, hence bigger secretions. it should be noted that people of this skin type should avoid thick creams and moisturizers while maintaining the required amount of hydration

DRY SKIN: Appears dull and lifeless covered with a layer of dead skin cells. The light is reflected off in all directions if proper moisturization is not applied. Exposure to sun, hot showers, too much exfoliation may cause excessive skin dryness. Using creamier products rather than lotions or gels is advisable.

SENSITIVE SKIN: Is prone to inflammation, acne, contact dermatitis and many other dermatological complications. Excessive friction, heat, alcohol and stress trigger sensitive skin. It is not a permanent skin type but one caused by too much exfoliation and over scrubbing.

COMBINATION SKIN: generally considered as a mixed skin type. Many dermatologists reckon it is a pseudo skin type. The combination means that the skin is dry in winter and oily in summer. While others believe that it is a real skin type characterized by different amounts of skin production.

What creams should be used on sensitive skin types?

If the skin is so sensitive that one must move out of the way to maintain it, shopping for the right products can be well- frustrating. There are online platforms that feature wonder products including Cream for sensitive skin[ครีมสำหรับผิวแพ้ง่าย, which is the term in Thai]. Biotherm is one such online cosmetic store that sells genuine products so make sure to check it out.

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