Hiring personal training services can be one of the best investments a person can make in themselves. It’s relatively affordable, but the effect on our health is often long-lasting. However, there’s a low barrier to entry in the personal training industry and just about anyone can become personal trainers by completing a Distance Learning PT course. Once certified,trainers can start looking for clients right away whether they are ready for them or not. This can lead to dissatisfied clients as the trainer’s lack of experience begins to show.

     We are all new at some point and this is a hurdle that we have to overcome. You can’t gain experience without clients and if the clients don’t feel that you are up to the task, you won’t get that much needed experience in the first place. If you have recently lost some clients and are wondering why, keep reading as these are the top 5 reasons trainers lose clients:

1.Trainers often talk about themselves: It’s not a good sign if the trainer spends the entire hour talking about him or herself and other less relevant things. Your clients hire you to provide a valuable service in personal fitness, not to become their storyteller.

2.Trainers appear to be unfit: It’s ironic, but some trainers actually look like they need some training sessions themselves. Trainers don’t have to look like world class bodybuilders, but they need to become an ideal example of a fit individual. Clients are wary of trainers that appear to be 30lbs overweight.

3.Workout methods never change: If the personal training program appears to proceed without enough variety, it may not be ideal for long-term progression. If you never change it up, you could lose clients as they become bored.

4.They are unmotivated: It’s not a good thing if your clients are no longer motivated or they feel bored. Remember, they are paying you for results, so you need to keep them motivated enough to come back for another training session.

5.They are told to buy supplements and other health products:Clients that are told to buy additional supplements or particular brands will often feel as though the trainer is looking for shortcuts to their fitness. This will make them cancel training sessions and look for another trainer.

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