Fire sprinkler system is a protection system installed in commercial and industrial buildings to prevent the breakage of fire, preventing human and property losses. Fire can break out for any reason like short circuits in electrical appliances or other reasons. When a fire starts in a building, firefighters will do everything to control the fire as soon as possible. But they will still need some time to arrive, and by the time they reach the destination, the situation might worsen. So, the New York City government issued the NYC sprinkler code, Local Law 26 and made it mandatory for all buildings taller than 100 ft to have an adequate sprinkler system installed.

Though there is no official NYC sprinkler code, there are some rules or regulations that the fire sprinkler system should meet. According to these codes, the automatic fire sprinkler must meet local and national code requirements before they can be approved for use in New York. Moreover, the design of the sprinkler system needs to be approved by Registered Design professional and the installation work must be permitted by the Licensed Fire Suppression Contractor or Licensed Master Plumber. It can be difficult to get your sprinkler design approved. So you can contact the NewYork Engineers to get NYC sprinkler code compliant Automatic sprinkler system.

The NewYork Engineers is the leading MEP Company in the NewYork that can give you better engineering solutions for your existing or new building project. They know all the local and national codes and work with New York City Department of Buildings to make compliant sprinkler system and designs. The team of NewYork Engineers is very experienced in the sprinkler designs and well versed in the NYC sprinkler codes. They also provide you various sprinkler engineering services like Sprinkler System, Chemical Sprinkler system, pre-action sprinkler system, and much more for providing advanced protection against fire.

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