Acne is no less than a nightmare because it not only causes embarrassment but also deteriorates the condition of face and confidence level of the individual. If not treated well acne can leave scars on the face that may last for really long. Acne is of several types ranging from mild breakouts to severe inflammation. With the advancement in medical field, different treatments have been discovered to treat acne problems including topical application, laser treatment, and prescribed medications. However, some preventive skin care and good treatment can control or eliminate acne.

How are acne formed?

The oil glands present in the skin of human beings release oil through ducts which open on skin surface. Once these opening get clogged due to dust or accumulation of dead skin cells, oil start getting collected deep in the skin. In some cases, excessive oil production is also caused by the influence of some hormonal imbalance which is triggered because of ongoing or previous medical condition. Increased accumulation of oil provides a nice breeding ground for skin bacteria and proliferates. Increased population of bacteria produces certain substances which lead to inflammation, redness, and swelling and combinedly results in acne formation.

In order to get rid of acne and its scar, one tries plenty of products that promise to counter products. However, the result could be uncertain. To avoid formation of acne dermatologist often recommend people to follow some healthy skin care routine which can provide some miraculous result. Here are some of the basic skin care tips which must be followed by every individual for healthy skin.

  1. Wash your face daily using right cleanser

Throughout the day, the face is being exploited to external elements including makeup, dirt, pollution and more. Hence, one must make it a habit to clean and treat the skin twice in a day to keep breakouts away.  One must avoid buying any generic face wash and should rather look for some effective cleaner. Analyze the type of your skin and pay attention to the ingredients used. If you couldn’t find the right pick for your skin consult a dermatologist who will first help you determine the type of skin (oily, normal, sensitive or combination) and then will accordingly provide you with the list of products which can work wonders for the provided skin type.

  1. Don’t over exfoliate and regularly change your towel

Undoubtedly, scrubbing is one of the essential parts of skin care routine but over exfoliation can cause some major harm than good. When scrubbing is performed too often or too hard it can cause redness, inflammation, and irritation. Use some mild exfoliate and scrub out your face on alternate days of the week. In addition, one must not continue using the same towel without getting it washed as contaminated towel can lead to skin problems.

  1. Tailor your diet and drink plenty of water

Diet plays a really important role in regulating the overall skin care of individual. One must include green leafy vegetables and fruits in their diets. Vegetables which are rich in antioxidants and nutrients help reduce inflammation while improving the overall quality of skin. Moreover, drinking lots of water helps in detoxification process and enhances the overall health of human body.

Focusing on some of the minor daily activity and improving it can bring some positive change in life. Moreover, good care of skin can reduce the chances of acne formation while helping to deal with existing skin issues.

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