In the rapidly emerging technology, everyone wants to get things done faster within seconds. So, they are making use of smart techniques to convert the files available in different formats on the internet to the desired format. This has become really easy and fast through online image converters through which you can covert one file format to the other within seconds. Suppose you want to convert xcf file format to png then you have to follow certain steps.

Xcf stands for experimental Computing Facility is an image format that the GIMP ( GNU Image Manipulation Programme) gives to the image after being edited in this image editing software, but people generally face difficulties when they want to use these xcf images in the form of jpg, png format. This has become quite easy now as online converters will do this work for you. Hence, to convert xcf to png there are certain steps that need to be kept in mind.

Steps involved in converting xcf to png

If you want to do xcf to png free then follow these steps:

For directly converting xcf file to png, you just have to export the file and it will be saved as png file format by default.

  • First of all open the xcf file format from the GIMP software.
  • Then click on File option.
  • Now, you can click on Export button to the xcf file.
  • In the last step, give a name to your file and click on save. Your file will be automatically saved as png format. If you want to save it in some other format then you can select that format from the drop down menu.

Hence by following the above steps you can directly convert xcf to png online for free. The online image converters are very beneficial if you don’t want to waste your time and internet in downloading the image converter software or app.

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