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These were years and years of study and the time has finally come to celebrate the achievement of vocational training. The whole period of dedication, regardless of the college attended, was worth it to achieve victory. So, nothing fairer than celebrating this completed step, right? And with the end of the year, it is very common for students to party with beautiful graduation.

Taking the opportunity, why not set the date forever in your life? This is the opportunity for you to keep some positive memories of this achievement. One suggestion is to design a shirt

for yourself or even the whole class. It will be an unforgettable gift for such a special day and group. Here are some tips for customizing your t-shirts:


If you want to keep a unique memory of this date, the tip is to use that individual photo that each student makes with their straws and gowns before the graduation party. The image may stop in a framed picture, but why not also print a shirt with it? It can also be used as a parameter for a fun cartoon to immortalize the moment. It would be a different printed t-shirt than the ones we see out there.


One of the most basic and quick suggestions to make is to print custom made shirts with the photo or cartoons of the class components. It can be the picture with the gown and diploma students at hand or even brief descriptions of their personalities. It is a reminder to all your friends of one of the most difficult and incredible moments of your life, where you show that everyone has managed to overcome the barriers of complicated college life;


Every vocational training has a motto or phrase from a historical author who has marked the class. Whether in the career of medicine, law, journalism or social sciences, at some point in the various disciplines taken at the university, a certain passage marked his experience. Making a shirt with a phrase or a motto of the profession, especially one that seeks the ethics and sense of responsibility you will assume upon graduation, will make everyone happy and aware of what’s to come;


Every profession also has a symbol. Medicine shows a snake around a rustic staff. Law has a scale or a woman blindfolded. Psychology, in turn, presents the Greek letter Psi, while Civil Engineering is represented by the goddess Minerva in a gear. These are just a few examples that might be present when making cool print t-shirts for your class. Get inspired!

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