Male breast enlargement and prominent male breast is the common condition in men and is called Gynaecomastia.

Following are some awaking facts about this condition to provide you complete information about it

How to identify it?

When male has bulge in chest more the 4cm in size then it is the case of men breast enlargement and even if you feel hard mass after pinching the chest skin at nipple then also you are having Gynaecomastia issue or even it can be said as enlargement of breast gland.

At what age can it appear?

In most of the cases breast gland enlargement appears in the age of puberty means after 13-14 years of age as at that time various hormonal changes happens in male body so which leads to this condition.

Even in some cases this problem occurs at the age of late 40s due to some health issues. Some men that have this condition at the puberty age they can have this condition temporary and soon there enlarged breast disappear but approximately 50% of men face this problem for many years.

What are symptoms of it?

Enlarged breast gland in males has following symptoms on both sides but in few cases only one side

  • Extra fat deposit in chest
  • Chest bulging
  • Puffiness in nipples
  • Chest lump under the nipple

What are reasons for it?

However many case studies have been done but still not as such definite cause for the enlarged chest has been found but in most of the cases following can be responsible reasons

  • If the male hormone level  is low
  • Due to tumor that produce female hormone
  • Due to side effects of some diseases like cirrhosis and hormonal therapy steroids used for body building and even as a result of some drugs intake
  • It can happen in obese and overweight males

What can be treatment for it?

Some persons come out from this condition without any Gynaecomastia surgery in India but if this condition has been caused by some conditions like cirrhosis or malnutrition then patient has to take surgical treatment for it.

Even in some cases medications are used to treat the condition but if patient does not notice any visible change then he is advised to take surgical treatment.  Gynaecomastia surgery is safe and quite result oriented so there is no need to worry as painless surgery can contour the male breast and can give more attractive look to men.

There are two types of Gynaecomastia treatment options

  1. Liposuction surgery: under this Gynaecomastia surgery in Punjab breast fat has been removed but not the breast gland tissue.
  2. Mastectomy surgery: under this treatment rather than removing breast fat, breast gland tissue has been removed and is done often endoscopically.

What is cost of it?

Gynaecomastia surgery cost in India is quite reasonable and can differ center to center according to various factors like extent of condition, nature of treatment option, doctor’s fee, and center’s pricing policy and so on.  In India you can get the best treatment with optimized results at lowest cost worldwide.

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