If someone is seeking to sue for compensation for a traumatic brain injury, hiring a skilled, experienced attorney is an important step. An attorney-specialist in traumatic brain injury law is essential in gaining compensation from the person who caused injury to you or your close relative. TBI practice area is specialized some attorneys work in that field alone.

Are you online and searching for an attorney to hire because you suffered a traumatic brain injury because of someone else’s negligence? Krasney Law a personal-injury practice in California, is here to assist you in getting justice and full compensation. A traumatic brain injury can hurt anyone at any age. However, youngsters, particularly newborns to 4-year-olds; young adults, especially those between ages 15 to 24; adults age 60 and over; and males in any group are the most vulnerable.

Falls around the home are the leading reason behind traumatic brain injury for infants, toddlers, and aged people. Violent shaking of a baby or toddler is another important cause. The leading causes in adolescents and adults are automobile and bike accidents. However, traumatic brain injuries that occur because of violent crimes are a significant cause.

Before engaging a traumatic brain injury lawyer, make sure to ask what expertise they have with traumatic brain injury law. Every state has different regulations pertaining to traumatic brain injury, though states’ laws may be similar. An experienced brain injury lawyer is essential if you are to receive adequate compensation to recover.

Legal Services for People With Traumatic Brain Injury

A lawyer who devotes their legal career to serving to survivors of TBI attempt to win justice and fair compensation in court against the negligent party who caused the victim harm. Not every personal-injury attorney has experience in traumatic brain injury cases. It is important to find one with knowledge and expertise in the specific area of law.

Understanding the Severity Ratings of Traumatic Brain Injury

Make no mistake, all TBIs are dangerous as a result of the brain damage and disruptions in brain functioning. Some injuries persist longer than others, but there is always a danger of a long-term impact. However, neurologists use the Glasgow Coma Scale and other measures to differentiate TBIs into severe, moderate, and mild. The mild type is far and away the most common.

Ongoing analysis of the causes and outcomes of mild TBI keep changing experts’ views of what a mild TBI is. Physicians thought a gentle TBI was a strictly transient disruption of the brain operation with no organic injury to the brain and no potential for long-term or permanent damage. Analysis spurred by mild TBIs to professional football players and soldiers has disproved these assumptions. Though not all mild TBIs are life-changing forever, some of them are, and every one of them involves at least some minimal organic brain injury.

Two of the differences between mild TBI and TBI classed as moderate to severe are:

  • Mild TBI tends to resolve quickly, needs fewer rehab services, and tends to respond readily to rehab services; and
  • Often victims of mild TBI tend to be more attentive to and also show more troubled emotions because of their injury than victims of severe TBI, who tend to be grateful to be alive.

Different Levels of Traumatic Brain Injury

Severe TBI may cause death; comas lasting days, weeks or months; permanent vegetative state; chronic under-arousal; severe disorders of basic cognitive and physical brain functions. Disorders can involve eyesight, reading, talking, swallowing or walking; seizures; muscle paralysis; muscle spasticity and abnormal bone growth. Disorders include apathy, impulsivity, dementia, or mental disease. Victims of severe TBI are not continually, however, typically rendered unemployable. But they may need a wheelchair. Many need full or partial home-care help. Often they are not able to drive.

Representing a victim with head or brain injuries needs a profound understanding of the causes, effects, and treatments for brain injuries. Your average personal injury lawyer does not have the knowledge and information necessary to represent you in court effectively. Krasney Law has won millions of dollars for clients with traumatic brain injuries and now uses their expertise to assist brain injury victims in finding an attorney with the necessary credentials to handle their case.

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