Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases that not only breaks you in the aspect of health but also makes your ruin psychologically, emotionally and socially.  The pain and suffering of this disease is unexplainable. The results of treatment of the cancer are more fearful that can make one keep oneself hide in the room and do not face any one.   Hair fall is the biggest side effect of chemotherapy. Although it is just the thing of some months after that you can regain your beautiful hair but these some months become very difficult to pass for any individual.

 Get back your beautiful appearance with hair extension

As cancer treatment involves hair fall, breast cancer patient after the treatment finds herself bald which hampers her looks.  But, once one gets two to 5 inches hair grown in the head, one can use Halo extension to have good look until original hair grows.  But for cancer patients it is recommended to consult with the chemotherapy specialist to be ensured that there will not be any type of side effect of using hair extension.

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 Types of hair extension

Artificial hair extension – When it comes to hair extension, the artificial hair extension are commonly used. These are fixed in the head using the specific methods. Such hairs extensions are available in different styles and colors that you can choose to style yourself. These can be used casually as well as on special occasion.

 Human hair extension-These hairs are made of human hairs and have natural elegance and colors.  Although, these hair extensions are expensive, but they are able to offer natural charm to women.

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