Movie trailers have been there for a long time with the first ever trailer made in 1913. A movie trailer is meant to market and promote new movies coming out at a later date. It therefore has to elicit the perfect emotions and reactions so that it can attract people to the feature film.

Top movie trailers are those that have been able to achieve this perfectly. People have watched those trailers over and over because of the emotions that they bring forth. Many have even found the movies themselves to even not be as entertaining or thrilling as the trailers.

Trailer house can help you to make a movie trailer, regardless of the duration you want so that your movie can get a huge fan base. Since trailers are shown before the films are exhibited in the cinema, it is possible for one movie to have more than one trailers showcasing different aspects of the movie. This is meant to keep the fans engaged while at the same time capturing more people.

With trailer house you can create as many trailers as you need for your movie. Be careful to ensure that you do not make too many trailers that could bore the fans and reduce the thrill to watch your movie.

How Long Are The Best Movie Trailers?

Since you want your trailer to capture the attention of the fans and make them want to watch the feature film, duration of the trailer is really important. Trailers come in different lengths varying anywhere from just a couple of seconds to even about several minutes long.

Recently, there is the longest trailer ever made lasting 7 hours and 20 minutes made for a movie that will last 30 days. The previous trailer to this movie which is already out is 72 minutes long. Another movie with a long trailer is that to the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. This trailer is 8 and half minutes long.

Typically, however, the best trailers usually last anywhere from 10 seconds to about a minute and a half. There are others also that go to two and a half minutes. Such movie trailers are able to capture the fans by using scenes in the movie in such a way that will evoke interest in the movie.

There are many available top movie trailers that lie within this time duration. Examples include; Alien, Flight, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Exorcist, Texas Chain Saw Massacre and many others.

The movies that have the longest trailers are usually documentaries and fiction films that are about historic events. This is because such trailers need to give a plot of the story so the audience can understand what it is they will get from the film.

Horror movies and action movies on the other hand have the shortest trailers. Some of the shortest movie trailers made include the Twilight at only 3 seconds and many others under 10 seconds.

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