The rates are generally established by translated word and what is called a combination of languages, formed by the language of the original document and that to which you want to translate or target. On certain occasions, the price of a sworn translation can also be established based on the number of documents to be translated.

How Is The Cost Of A Sworn Translation Established According To The Document

In some cases, instead of charging for words, prices are established according to the number of documents to be translated. On the other hand, there are also minimum document fees, which usually apply to legal documents with limited textual content. Other variables that determine the final price are the urgency and the degree of specialization of the text, although this also influences the rest of the translations that are not sworn.

Is A Sworn Translation Into Chinese Or Arabic More Expensive Than English

Yes, a sworn Arabic translation [รับแปลภาษาอารบิค which is the term in Thai] is more expensive. The price of a sworn translation, regardless of whether it is established by document or word, changes according to the language combination. Due to its difficulty, the price per language can be modified. In this case, Chinese, for example, is a language that is being increasingly demanded but does not have the same number of sworn translators as English, so that does indeed affect the final price.

Are Bridge Sworn Translations More Expensive

For example, in Spain, sworn translators appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are only authorized to translate from Spanish into their specialty language and vice versa. Therefore, when a client requests the sworn translation, for example, from English to Danish, it will be necessary to perform a bridge translation: first the document is translated from English to Spanish, by a sworn translator and, secondly, the translation is performed from Spanish to Danish, by another different sworn translator. This is known as bridge translation and requires a double translation service involving two different translators and which, undoubtedly, increases the final price of the sworn translation.

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