The importance of sports is decreasing as modern society is tilting towards technological advancement. A sport, to the ancient Athenian and Greeks was the means of education. It was as essential a part of their life as mathematics or science or English is in a modern child’s life. They learned valuable lessons through sports. They were simple yet interesting to the core and they adapted it naturally, things one cannot learn in modern or ancient school by going through old pale pages. Ericka Camacho, the popular mathematical biologist described the modern educational system as a means of churning out mindless cogs of a mechanical system.

According to her, sports can be the only thing that can breathe life into the system, making it more alive. It is the single most important thing that can build a person’s nature, character, habit, passion and all those important things that one needs to prepare for in life.Be it an indoor sport or an outdoor sport,sole characteristics of a game changes; and although the physical and mental requirements and adaptability changes from one sport to another; the core values remain intact. Let’s take a look what things a child can learn by adapting into any sport…

Indoor Sports:

There are many indoor sports that teach us various things and they vary from game to game. As most of the indoor games are solo, they can teach you the importance of taking responsibility and credit for one’s own failure. One cannot blame others in a solo game but himself or herself. However, when one does it in a playful manner, this doesn’t seem bad at all. In fact kids learn to accept this defeat quite naturally. A game like chess teaches the juniors the importance of both offence and defence; it builds their ability inmaking strategies rather than jumping in straight headed into any situation. A game like table tennis can teach someone the importance of balance and control. If one tries to hit the ball too hard, it goes off the board.

Outdoor Sports:

The most popular outdoor games are football, cricket, basketball, hockey, Rugby etc. These game although seem very different from each other, all of them have many things in common and can teach someone many important things. All of these games teach someone the importance of trusting in them as well as in their team mates. No matter how good an individual is, unlike the solo games, a team game cannot be won by the effort of one single person.

One might excel in one or two games but in order for a team to be championing, the team as a whole unit, has to perform as champions. Team games teach the players, humility, unity, it provides them the ability to find unity in diversity, it teaches them how to put aside their petty differences and teaches them how to enjoy something as a unit rather than as an individual. The bonding one developsdue the course of a game are real and remains deeply etched in their psyche.

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