Sterling silver — 92.5% silver, 7.5% other sterling silver jewelry,but some of people always worries buy a cheap quality sterling silver earrings,now,Here i want show to you How to avoid looking cheap made sterling silver earrings

Let’s break down;

  1. Look for the 925 stamp.

Most alloy objects from reputable  sources can feature a stamp that identifies the piece as “925,” “Ster,” or “Sterling Silver,” somewhere on the thing. If this doesn’t seem anyplace on the thing, it’s seemingly simply silver-plated.

  1. Rub the item with a soft, clean white artefact.

When you completely rub the thing, check the fabric for black marks. If you don’t see any black marks on the fabric, it’s seemingly not sterling silver, as pure alloy oxidizes with air exposure.

  1. Smell the piece.

 If it’s a aluminous smell, it’s most likely not alloy. you’ll be able to compare by 1st smelling the piece in question then smelling a daily penny. alloy doesn’t provide off the aluminous, chromatic smell that a penny will, however silver-plated objects may.

  1. Put the item next to a magnet.

 If the piece is interested in the magnet, it’s not alloy, as true alloy doesn’t react to magnets.

  1. Put a drop of aqua fortis on that.

This could be used as a final resort as not many of us have aqua fortis lying round the house, however it’s an efficient methodology for identifying alloy from lookalikes. Most honest salespeople won’t be opposition you golf stroke a drop of aqua fortis on the piece if they claim it’s real alloy. once the acid comes into contact with alloy, at most, the acid can tackle a creamy color, however the silver can stay uninjured. If it’s faux, the acid can seemingly flip the piece inexperienced or cause its color to fade. Remember, continuously wear correct gear, together with gloves and glasses, once handling aqua fortis.

Do you have more advice about the style of sterling silver earrings quality advice,I am appreciate for your comments or share.

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