Most professionals lead a busy life and spend a large amount of time per day in the office. It becomes difficult to pay attention to health. Most office goers don’t have time for fitness. They sit for a long time on a desk and lead an inactive life. Being sedentary can be dangerous for you. Get yourself checked up by a doctor or take the Bluecrest health screening as a general health check-up. Following are some tips on how to get fit on the way to work.

Take The Stairs

Instead of using an elevator in the office or the places you visit, take stairs. If your office is located on the upper storeys of a building, climb the stairs up and down at work. This will give you natural exercise.

Keep Exercise Equipment In The Office

Use exercise equipment in your office. Sit on an exercise ball and use it instead of a chair. Keep a stationary bike in the office and you can do cycling whenever you have free time. Place some weights near your desk and do some exercises with the weights.

Use Your Travel Time

Utilize your travel to the office for exercise. If you walk or cycle to the office, it will be a good way to get exercise. Even if you use your car for office, park it at a distance and walk till the office. Do tai chi while you are on the journey and traveling by train. You can do toning when you are on a tube.

Do Exercise As Punishment

Use punishment incentives in the office like doing exercise every time you make a mistake or get up for a break. Salespersons can do exercises like jumping each time they fail to sell. Do press-ups at the break time. Do 100 press ups when you want to smoke.

Exercise With Your Colleagues

Do exercise in a team with your office workmates. Go for swimming with them in the lunch break and play badminton or squash with them in the evening. Do chess boxing with colleagues and form an office sports team for other games. Enjoy dancing with workmates.

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