Increasing your search engine rankings can be difficult. This is the main reason people turn toward black hat methods to increase their rankings quickly. But here’s the catch. Black hat methods are first, unethical, and second, obsolete. They do not work anymore and they could get you penalized instantly if Google finds out about them.

Why people think black hat methods are good

It is a common assumption that white hat or ethical methods are quite hard to implement and get results. That’s why a lot of people believe in applying black hat methods for quick results. This mindset is completely wrong. If you do the right things in right order, you will get quick results even with white hat methods.

What you must do

In order to rank yourself high on search engines, you have to take care of several things:

  • Make sure your blog and content is SEO-optimized. You can try different tools that would help you figure out what is wrong in your blog and suggest you with better and more SEO-friendly alternatives.
  • Research properly about your next topic, before you start creating fresh content. If you want to Get SEO done[รับ ทำ seo, which is the term in Thai] you will have to work hard and work smart
  • You will have to create engaging content so the searchers would spend a lot of time on your blog. This would boost your ranking massively. You should take some copywriting or content marketing lessons for it.

How it works

Google’s algorithm RankBrain monitors the average time your visitors are spending on your webpage after clicking your link. More time means better user experience and massive ranking boost. On the other hand, less time means irrelevant content and ranking would fall down.

Make sure that you create content for people and stay them hooked. You will rank easily on first page that way.

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