Currently there is a lot of new and professional player playing the same online game. The problem that the new player face is that they are unable to level up at a faster pace due to being killed or defeated by player who has more experience. In order to compete with them, the only way they have is to spend all their gold reserve in the game in order to upgrade and achieve new skills for the character. Once that is done, they seem to have little advantage in the match. However, this has made the players lose gold coins in the game at a much faster pace than normal. Therefore, the new players need to think and play smart in order to spend the gold in the game more economically

What can be done to avoid a situation where you are out of gold

Once you have a strong unit in your team and you know the skills and characteristics of each unit, you can look at the levels they are at. If they are already at a good level, you can think of investing in them and upgrading using the gold. However, if the units are at a starting or a lower level, then do not spend the gold for upgrading them. Play a few games and let them upgrade as per the gameplay. When they have reached the desired rank, you can use the gold to upgrade them further. Spending the gold on earlier upgrades is not worth it. You can also use lol elo boost instead of spending coins to level up

More ways to save gold in the game

If you do not want to spend a lot of gold from your account or want to spend it economically, then make sure you play a lot of games as it leads to accumulation of gold coins, and it further increases your level and rank. With enough experience, you will notice an upgrade in your gameplay and the team units. Once you have that, you can think of spending the gold on some useful upgrades. 

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