Hypertension or high blood pressure refers to a condition which causes the blood’s flowing rate to elevate within the arteries and this requires the heart to work a lot harder in order to pump blood. If blood pressure increases more than usual, it could lead to heart failure that can sometimes be critical for the person in question. High blood pressure requires lifelong treatment which is why it is recommended that one should use natural or herbal remedies and medication in order to keep the blood pressure at an optimum level.

Chinese herbal remedies, in particular, are known not to work overnight but are well known for helping cure a variety of ailments and diseases. Acupuncture, Qi gong and an innumerable amount of exercises are what constitute traditional Chinese medicine. According to the study published by National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), Qi Gong effectively reduced blood pressure, and the level of a chemical compound, catecholamine, which’s directly responsible for hypertension.

Apart from this, a research paper published by Medscape Medical News also stated one of the Chinese traditional techniques, to be effective in reducing hypertension among the patients who had volunteered for the demo. The technique was the age old “Accupuncture”, whose effects were compared with that of ‘Sham Needle’ technique.

 Most of what is used in this conventional kind of treatment is everyday products that can be found in your supermarket, for example, cloves, celery, garlic, etc. Eating celery stalk, or one raw clove of garlic a day or even a small pod of ginger can significantly reduce one’s blood pressure level and stabilize it. Ginseng is popularly used in teas and is known all over the world as a cure to one’s hypertension or high blood pressure. Please use this Free online TCM diagnose tool, just click the link

Hibiscus is a type of plant, which, too, is used in teas and is commonly known to lower high blood pressure or hypertension. It is a flowering shrub that contains anti-oxidants known to be anti-cancerous and has cholesterol lowering properties as well. This is one of those rare herbal plants, whose effects can make the medicinal drugs a run for their money. Hibiscus has been in there, in the medical vanity of Iranian researchers, from as early as 1990s, when they were trying to demonstrate its medicinal qualities. In 2004, a bunch of Mexican researchers also conducted experiments/demonstrations, for portraying the anti-hypertension effects of Hibiscus, in which a group of 75 adults, suffering from the said illness, were given crushed and dried Hibiscus, in the form of tea, everyday. The quantity of Hibiscus in the tea was set at about 10g in one cup, while the tea was served once everyday.

After 4 weeks of this treatment, the blood pressure in the patients dropped by 11 percent!

Hence, it is not a surprise that Chinese herbs and medicines, such as Qi Gong and Hibiscus, are much more powerful and effective in tackling the hypertension. These herbal and natural remedies have no side effects and in the long run are known to help you and your loved ones lead a better and fuller life. Staying calm and relaxed even in stressful situations will help. Here I also invite you to visit this site if you need best herbal male enhancement, just click link. The unique makeup of SANLIDA Cordycepin, along with its specialized administration of doses, keeps male  sexually active without any health risks. This treatment of erectile dysfunction is also free of any harmful ingredients.

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