Is it better for a business to partner with a digital marketing agency or do the work in-house? This question is important for every business owner, but it doesn’t have a universal right answer. Choosing between an internal and external digital marketing team presents a dilemma for most businesses. Large businesses can afford an in-house team and yet they want to cut back costs. Small to medium-sized businesses lack the resources for setting up a marketing department and have no choice but to reach out to a digital marketing agency. Some businesses opt to go for a mixture of both if they have the funds to do so.

In the case of small and medium-sized businesses, outsourcing their digital marketing needs has been the better option. Why? There are several factors behind this decision:

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  • A broader skillset

The primary reason why a business may choose to work with a digital marketing agency is that they get access to an entire team of experienced and specialized professionals dedicated to their project. Most small businesses don’t have enough finances to justify the need to bring in a full-time SEO expert, developer and a social media account manager. A digital marketing agency can offer you all of these services in one place and can offer you a lot more without requiring any additional investment. Your business is able to diversify its marketing efforts because they have such a huge range of skills at their disposal. Learn some SEO basics at

  • Lots of expertise

An agency is known to have more people with varied skillsets and the best part is that these people possess a greater depth of experience. Agencies have professionals on their staff who specialize in various areas and they compete to hire the best for their team. Moreover, they also devote their resources to educate and train their employees and enroll them in programs to ensure they are on the cutting edge of their respective niche. The digital marketing agency has a team environment, which is a good thing because it fosters continual growth and learning. A business benefits from all this expertise.

  • Reduced Costs

Generally speaking, it is cheaper to hire a digital marketing agency instead of recruiting a full-on team in-house. However, it is important to remember that the cost can vary according to the size of the business and the goals it wishes to accomplish. A sizable investment is needed for both internal and external marketing. When you have an in-house group, you have to get office space, furniture and equipment and also have to spend time in recruiting. Next comes the training and salary expense of people you hire. External digital marketing agencies charge a huge sum, but in the long term, it is considerably lesser than what an in-house team needs.

These are three of the major reasons why using a digital marketing agency might be a better option for small businesses rather than setting up an in-house team. The decision can be made after weighing the pros and costs of each option.

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