It is hard to believe but it is true that lifestyle choices can adversely affect your healthy sperm count and even researches have claimed that it can affect the natural conception of female moreover due to unhealthy sperms resulting baby can also be unhealthy. It is unbelievable but true that lifestyle can play major role in disturbing sexual life of males

Recent systematic review and meta-regression analysis of recent trends in the sperm count have shown decline trend so the male fertility issue is also arising due to lifestyle choices. It can be inconvenient to accept but studies have strongly pointed out our living habits for infertility issues. Moreover studies have clear one more thing that infertility is not a woman’s problem it can happen with anyone without considering gender. Hence it becomes important that along with female infertility treatment there must be male infertility treatment in India. In the semen analysis test also there has been seen decline in the healthy sperm that could be use for fertilization of egg.

This fact can hit the masculine feeling of men but it is reality that unhealthy lifestyle can lead to unhealthy sperm count. Habits like smoking, alcohol, drugs, unhealthy food, and exposure to chemicals or explosives can affect the sperm count adversely. Infertility caused by these factors can easily be tackled as while taking treatment doctors pay attention towards the root cause and design  the treatment according to patient’ problem and its root cause.

According to the expert doctor of the best IVF treatment center in India some medication or therapies like yoga exercises can help the males to get the problem treated. But this responsible factor should not be ignored. One must take nutritious diet, some supplements for nutrition and try to mend his ways according to good healthy lifestyle for having enjoyable sexual life.

Studies has even revealed that after the openness of infertility issue related to sperm count which is due to their lifestyle choices, are getting direct attention and most of the people have changed their living habits for the sake of their wish to complete family with adorable child and after the significant changes in habits again studies were conducted to examine the extent of lifestyle changes and their positive impact on their relationships and sperm count.

After 3 months of lifestyle changes significant impact on the sperm count has been noticed. Moreover in studies, acupuncture is also mentioned as healthy sperm booster.

Adding further, studies have concluded that lifestyle changes can have direct relation with the sperm count so to prevent all unhealthy outcomes that could happen due to unhealthy lifestyle.  Low sperm count can impact the chances of getting pregnant after intercourse so if you have dream to enjoy parenthood journey then go for alteration of your lifestyle changes.

There is nothing wrong to say that happy mood can spread happiness all around similarly healthy lifestyle can give healthy sperm count so can give healthy baby.

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