A limited budget can really limiting to a big project. High quality lab equipment does not exactly come cheap but each piece of equipment is vital and costs must be incurred to acquire it. There is the option to hire if the project is short-term, but if you are buying, you need to figure out a way to overcome budget restrictions. How can you keep your lab supplies budget manageable?

Ask for samples

Buying the wrong equipment costs is a problem for many labs. It is a waste of time and money. The best way to overcome this wastage is by requesting for samples. Many suppliers are willing to provide samples for low budget items. Higher cost items could be had on a rental basis to check out the suitability of the item.

Buy in bulk

Lab supplies in a long-term project should be purchased in bulk to give you the negotiating power in the purchase. There is the worry about storage space, but this can be easily overcome by having the supplier store the items and deliver them at regular intervals. This saves you the storage headache, and ensures that you always have current stock.

Deploy open source software

Tech plays an important role in today’s lab; keeping inventory, data logging, presentations and so on. Proprietary software comes with subscription or purchase fees. A lab can save a substantial sum by using open source software. It is typically more difficult to install but it is worth the effort in savings. The good thing is that you can try out different open source software’s without incurring costs.

Use procurement experts

Sourcing lab supplies needs technical expertise, which means that lab staff are often taken off the work to help with procurement. This can be avoided by hiring a procurement expert. This is ideally someone who understands invoicing, logistics and maintenance. A lab can save a substantial amount of time and money with this arrangement.

Improve your lab’s efficiency

A lab’s efficiency is a factor in the usage of lab consumables. Improving lab efficiency also improves consumption efficiency.

Equipment protection

Good protection of lab equipment reduces the risk of equipment damage and contamination. This is can lower costs significantly over the long-term as the equipment replacement rate is lowered. Use equipment shields to protect items in use, and covers to protect idle equipment.

Sharpen your negotiation skills

Many suppliers are willing to give a discount if you ask. Sharpening your negotiation skills can land surprisingly good offers on lab supplies.

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