Your office building might have an adequate number of fire extinguishers on each floor. But it’s not sufficient to improve the extent of fire safety. You need to train your employees about how to use the gadgets so that at the time of emergency, the employees will not be at a state of shock. They must have a fair idea about what to do in case the building catches fire. Any effective fire control training session will not be only about showing the employees how to operate the extinguisher. The training will bring confidence among the employees which will help them to react instantly at the urgency.

Understanding the risks

The first part of the training will teach you to determine the fire risks of the building depending on the purpose as well as the structure of the building. As the First Response Safety Trainers will explain, there will be a vast difference between the fire risks of a hospital with that of your office. The employees must know how to identify the chief fire risk zones like the kitchen and electric sources. The training will help to understand how these elements contribute to igniting and sustaining the fire.

Risk assessment

Another vital part of the training involves imparting knowledge about how to carry out regular assessments for fire risks. The process involves a fire expert who will carry out the fire safety audit in a comprehensive manner. You will get to know how you can detect the people at risk, identify the possible hazards, and have a clear idea about your response to the findings. At such a risky situation, if an employee knows which areas to check first to prevent a further massacre, it will help to mitigate significant risks and accidents. You won have to start running about in panic if you know stepwise what you have to do in such a situation.

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