At Planet Express, the main motto is to make the package forwarding cool and simple. The service believes that even if you don’t live in the U.S. you can still take advantage of the excellent services provided by the Planet Express. Online shopping services are sometimes unable to give delivery services to all remote locations. Hence, the service is very helpful in such cases. The services offered by the Planet Express are as:

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  • Shipping Methods: The multiple methods for shipment used are USPS Express International, USPS Priority International, FedEx Priority International, FedEx Economy International, DHL Express, Planet Mail Express, Planet Mail Economy, FedEx Ground, DHL commerce.
  • Shop For Me: there are some retailers in the U.S. which don’t accept foreign payments. This is when you can take help of the service. You can give the service details about the product and they can buy it for you and you can simply make the payment in the service’s account. All the purchase details will be provided and after receiving the product, the package is entered into consolidation with other packages and sent to the customer.
  • Services: It consists of the photo and label request and the special requests from the customer.
  • Getting Wines From The U.S. Through Planet Express: A special service to deliver the famous wines from the S. is also available to the customers. The postage calculator can calculate the amount charged by the services.
  • Become Our Affiliate: Planet Express offers a competitive and high commission affiliate program to let the customers make extra money from simple methods of promotion of the website.
  • Tracking: The packages that are sent from our service contains a tracking device. The tracking number or it will be provided to the customers to know the location of the package
  • Reporting Fraud: The seller also has a benefit of reporting a fraud. If the seller got a chargeback from somebody who used the service’s address, then it can be reported. As soon as the service receives the fraud report, the service tries its best to handle the package and return it to the

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