One of the most difficult tasks for caregivers is providing care for people suffering from dementia. People diagnosed with this kind of health condition have a progressive biological brain disorder, making it difficult for them to remember things and think clearly. In addition, dementia can also cause mood swings and personality disorder. Handling these people on your own can be overwhelming, hence the need to go for one of the best memory care facilities in Eden Prairie MN. Here are some of the challenges faced by dementia caregivers.

  • Dressing Problem

Most dementia patients often face difficulty when it comes to dressing. You can help choose loose-fitting, comfortable clothes with easy zippers or snaps. It should have little or no buttons. Help ease the patients choices by removing seldom-worn clothes from the closet. Ensure to lay out one article of clothing at a time, preferably in the order it is to be worn. This will help make dressing a breeze. Remove soiled clothes from the room. Do not engage in any argument with a dementia patientwho insists on a particular cloth.

  • Hallucinations and Delusions

Hallucination is when a patient sees or hears things that others do not, while delusion is an expression of false beliefs. These two conditions will occur as dementia progresses. In such a case, simply and calmly state your perception of the situation. Always avoid arguing or trying to convince the patient that their perceptions are wrong. Constantly keep rooms well-lit so as to decrease shadows. Offer a simple explanation of seemingly confusing and startling scenarios. In severe cases, administration of medication will be considered.

  • Inordinate Sexual Behavior

Exhibition of sexually inappropriate behaviors such as masturbating or undressing in public will occur. This might be followed by lewd remarks and unreasonable sexual demands. It is important to note that this behavior is as a result by the disease. Try and develop an action plan to follow when the behavior occurs. It helps to identify what triggers these behaviors.

  • Verbal Outbursts

Violent verbal violence such as cursing and arguing is a common occurrence. This is usually as a result of anger or stress. The best reaction is to stay calm in such situations. You can also try to validate their feelings.

  • Mimicry

Shadowing is when a person with dementia imitates and follows the caregiver. This behavior often occurs late in the day. Comfort the patient with verbal and physical reassurance.

  • Uncooperativeness

It is common for people with dementia to become resistant and uncooperative to the daily routine. This is often their response to a rushed or confused directive by the caregivers. It helps if you break each task into steps with a simple explanation. Allow plenty of time for their execution. Find ways to assist them in the process. Always follow up with an activity that they can perform.

With these numerous challenges, it is important to always that these behaviors are coping tactics for dementia patients even as their condition exacerbate. However, there is no questioning the fact that dealing with these behaviors is especially challenging. Memory care facilities in Eden Prairies MN can also go a long way to help.

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