When it comes to health, you may often think about your heart or the inches of fat that glisten on your waist when you pull up a pair of low-rise jeans. Your mind automatically goes to the new fitness plan you are finally going to follow through on to get those abs of steel that all the California Instagram influencers love to show off. However, if you wear glasses (and even if you don’t), you may be more aware about the skin around your eyes. With glasses, especially those with an extra shimmer such as the blue light reflecting glasses that you can find at Payne Glasses, you are uber-aware of your skin health. I suffer from highly sensitive skin; anything will automatically cause it to flare up from environmental sources to my dog licking my face to say hello in the morning. We often talk about health related to our weight and body sizes, but we must not forget about the largest organ on our bodies!

Rethink Your Daily Routine

There are a lot of natural ways to calm down the uber-wounded skin on your face. If you’re someone like me who would rather go au-natural than wear a ton of foundation, concealer and mascara during the day then you rely on your clean and purified skin. In the office, I have begun to wear my blue light reflecting glasses because of the worsening prescription I’ve been dealing with from continuous exposed screen time. I thought perhaps the air in the office was drying out my skin and causing it to get irritated more quickly, but then I read up on it and realized there were a lot of ordinary tasks that I was doing the wrong way.

Best Ways to Deal with Sensitive Skin

The more makeup you wear, the more likely your skin will get inflamed over time. That’s why I try my best to avoid wearing any skin makeup products, especially foundation which can only work to clog your pores as they have no reason to breathe. Every day after I have a big event where I put on some powder and highlighter, I can tell automatically that the climate of my skin is worse the next day, needing some immediate TLC. Sometimes fragrances can also cause skin inflammation. Another popular cause is using sweltering hot water to wash your face, which may feel comforting during the harsh winter months but is actually stripping your face from oils thus promoting extra dryness. Finally, your skin dictates the diet you have been eating. If you munch on chocolate and lemon meringue pie every day after work, then your skin will show it. Swap out processed and sweet foods over for fruits and veggies and you’ll notice a great, positive difference in how you look at yourself in the mirror.

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